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  1. SurvivalServers.com

    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    Great write up and thank you for the communication Jat. Keep it up!
  2. SurvivalServers.com

    Questions about Renting a Server

    We're still working out all the kinks with multi server setup but single servers are customizable using the grid to support a deceent size group of islands. Hoping to get see some templates out in the wild so we can start catering to different sizes and combinations of islands!
  3. SurvivalServers.com

    MAP is gray

    'tis the fog of war!
  4. SurvivalServers.com

    Dedicated server APP_ID on steam CMD?

    Hopefully very soon
  5. SurvivalServers.com

    Dedicated server APP_ID on steam CMD?

    That is not the dedicated server app id. It's still undergoing being added to Steam depot.