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  1. Qusal

    is this game officaly dead now?

    I spend already spend 1500 dollar on ships in star citizen, maybe Atlas should start selling custom ships to get some funding for new features for Atlas.
  2. Qusal

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Does this mean we won't get the NPC encampments update for blackwood soon? I was hoping it would be released before the end of the holiday, sadly, today school starts again.
  3. I really like the Blackwood map, it is a great expansion but was waiting to really play it until the NPC Pirate encampments would make their appearance, is there some sort of ETA when we could expect them? Hopefully before the summervacation ends.
  4. happened to our 17 man tribe also, can't transfer the ships to a new tribe, all progress lost!
  5. Qusal

    official [OFFICIAL] 7.0 Update Feedbacks

    Happened this afternoon after the server crashed 3 times in a row and roled back 20 min, 10 people were out of company and everyone had its admin and owner removed so we can't even transfer everything into a new company.
  6. Qusal

    official [OFFICIAL] 7.0 Update Feedbacks

    Yes it happened here
  7. Qusal

    official [OFFICIAL] 7.0 Update Feedbacks

    Our server crashed 3 times in a row, in half an hour and on the last one, 10 people were removed of the company, and nobody has admin or owner anymore!
  8. After latest patch, I could not join K8 server, I think it is not online 0/150 players all the time, can someone look into this please?
  9. Not all those servers seem to be Nitrado so there must be a app_id available so we can setup our own dedicated servers?
  10. Qusal

    Dedicated Servers - How will it work?

    They said a tool will be released so you can select and host part of the map, I run 3 ark servers on my home server. I think it can handle a large part of the map. The problem with most home servers is the upload bandwith. I will also host a Atlas one once they release the dedicated server software and app id but with a player cap of 80 people probably since my upstream bandwith is limited at 40mbit only.
  11. Qusal

    Update when servers go live?

    yeah 14x 150 players = 40k? am i bad at meth or something
  12. Qusal

    ATLAS on Twitch WOAH

    Yeah, the streams were quite disappointing especially when one guy said quote: "why can't I sail into the wind" and an other guy could not find any "rocks". Where did they find these people?
  13. This is the Windows server thread!
  14. Qusal

    I can't buy the game

    yeah i did the same i used an ohter steam account and gifted it to myself which finally worked now the 30 minute download
  15. Qusal

    I can't buy the game

    It looks like you've been attempting a lot of purchases in the last few hours. Please wait a while before trying again.