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  1. Yeah I thought of all that. First ship was well stocked with food and gold. We're only talking about 8 hours +/- real time. And it was anchored so close to shore I could almost jump to dry land. If a SotD is coming that close to shore then that's another bug that should be addressed. And at least I would expect the log to say "sunk by a lvl ## SotD", but no, it just -says "destroyed". The second "poof" makes even less sense. The ship was destroyed because it was half built when the shipyard was destroyed. What destroys a shipyard in under 8 hours real time on a PvE server? No, this is just a nasty bug that had better get fixed and fast.
  2. Twice now on NA PvE I've had cases where a ship and/or shipyard as spontaneously self-destructed. The first case was a Brig anchored in an lawless region. When I logged in about 8 hours later the only think left of the ship was frame. Company log just said it "was destroyed". Lost about 20 crew, 1000 gold, and all the associated cargo and mats. Oh, and my pathfinder was not able to harvest any mats. The sound and texture effects were all present but nothing accumulated in my inventory. So I was basically stuck. No way to do anything. So, yeah, thanks for that. So....I started a new pathfinder, and (oh, you're going to love this), traveled from the NW temperate freeport to an adjacent lawless region. Built a small base, and a small shipyard, and started a Schooner. Logout. Log back in about 8 hours later and the shipyard was GONE, and of course because my Schooner was half built it was left in pieces as well. Company log just says both were "destroyed". Note though that my starter Sloop was still anchored right next to base I had built, and the base itself was intact. Why do you keep destroying my ships? and shipyards? Seriously? What on earth could kill a shipyard in a PvE environment in under 8 hours (more like 3 hours given the time of the log entries). Grapeshot: you get one more chance. Fix this asinine bug or I'm outta here. Permanently.
  3. Whenever the game crashes, which has happened three times today, and I rejoin Atlas, my vital stats (vitamin levels, health, stamina, oxygen, etc.) are completely trashed. Very, very different than when the game crashed. After one crash, and immediately logging back in I had two vitamin deficiencies, almost no heath, and nearly full torpor. I died. Please fix this.
  4. I have a nearly completed schooner build. I built the internal structure first, and placed the outer planks afterwards. The planks placed correctly on the lower level, and on front and back four planks on the upper level. However i cannot place either a medium gun port or a medium plank on any of the remaining 10 open spaces. When trying to place a gun port it recognizes the snap points but warns the gun port must be placed on a ship (??!!). When placing a regular plank it says the plank is too high above ground (again, ??!!). Please fix this. I should also mention that when placing a regular plank the structure of the holographic plank is skewed somehow. The horizontal rows of the boards are rendered at an angle to the existing plank. Can attach a screenshot if I knew how to take one. Hint, hint.
  5. this behavior has nothing to do with whether you're in a company or not. I was in a solo company on the official NA PVE server, logged in to the respawn screen, no beds showing, though I had three (two on boats and one on land), lawless region if that matters, I figured I was done with that character and tried creating a new one, can't do that either. so PVE is inaccessible to me atm, at least on that server. Created a new pathfinder on a PVP server and that worked, so something is seriously broken on PVE servers.
  6. After logging in to Atlas this morning, I was notified that I had been "killed by a rattlesnake" which itself is interesting considering I was in an enclosed base when I logged off. But that is not the nature of this bug. I have two ships at Epdale Reef, 1 anchored, and 1 in dry dock, each with a bed. I also have a bed in the aforementioned base. At the spawn screen, there are no beds listed and the respawn button is non-functional (can't click it). I'm thinking, "okay, this is an early access game, I should expect to have to start over, I'll just use this as an excuse to respec", so I try to create a new pathfinder, choose the appearance options and click Create. Get the warning about destroying my previous pathfinder ( ) and click Accept. The warning dialog disappears and nothing happens. So I can't spawn as my previous pathfinder (who may not even exist anymore) and I can't create a new pathfinder. No Atlas for me i guess. Please fix this. EDIT: since it has been mentioned, I should add that I had created a company (including just myself).
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