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  1. moerserman


    yes it is high time for a wipe
  2. yes it is high time for a wipe
  3. moerserman


    It looks like we need a wipe, without a wipe it doesn't make sense for new players anymore
  4. I think it's all bad. I don't want to play PVP because it's not PVE yet.
  5. It cannot display letters such as: Ö ,, Ä ,, Ü, ß The solution is very simple, we use the old German, What every German knows Ö = oe, Ä = ae, Ü = ue, ß = ss then there are no more problems with Atlas
  6. I also ask myself, Why are palaces and castles built in the PVE? The same thing, why do you wall the flag? You can't leave it? this is PVE not PVP Do whole cities build on an official PVE server? Jesus Cristus why
  7. The same problem in B2 we need a wipe every 6 months. to solve the problem
  8. YES that definitely but the old map was bigger, better and, nicer .. with the climate zones and fewer errors
  9. I should have asked? How do I get that? And what do I have to do for it?
  10. The reason is that build bases that are too large The same problem was with Conan Exiles This year fancom decided that you can only build bases max. (Length10 X 10 Long X 5 Height blocks) Anyone who builds taller or taller will be banned This has ensured that the servers are now running very well and there are no loading problems When will Atlas introduce this?
  11. You find my shop on Expond Key in D4 Above left die island
  12. Search island to buy (15 - 56 gold) no bigger Offer via discord moerserman#5043 I would look forward to offers I'm in D4 now I am also happy if someone gives up his island and leaves it to me
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