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  1. you sure was wipe pve server have 3751 day.....
  2. You fuking kiding? No fix land claim impossimbl get land. I play solo now cant farm normal or build. This stupid debuf is to much. how i can build normal all think and go fight alone with animal in cave to get stupid water? We cant chose now when we want take chalenge. This game so stupid after this update i must leave just waist time and money for this game.
  3. Looking to buy Elephant, bear J4 region. Write me steam pendaluxs https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198143705160/
  4. i Claim ship but cant control old owner control all structure.
  5. best fix is if you enter not yours ship crew can atak you or player can kill you.
  6. cant man they dont play 5days but still cant claim becous they sleep in hause
  7. I think flag dont work claim in pve timer was -240k http://prntscr.com/m4xl3z and nothing happen
  8. Same to me. They add taxes and now all want control alot land to get taxes free resources.
  9. same for me lose all stuff what i collect in 4 days Supid crew. Cant giv them weapon or somthing. And they cost alot if you need in ship 10 they will cost each hour 100 gold
  10. Still cant find island to get small place land and build better ship
  11. This pirate game is broken. 0 economy just build galeon canon fix crew kill some OP creatures and bb.
  12. Wata hell i think it is game part were we can buy or sell.
  13. Any one find city from trailer ?
  14. OK i play this game 43h still cant get land, but still cant find any gold i diging alot with showel but still not gold looking chest etc. swiming alot visit alot island. But still cant get gold. Then how the hell i pay for crew wich me help fight with ship ghost etc?
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