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  1. Anchoring and disanchoring is not helping anymore....they did something so you can't get your bear out for no metter what you do....lost 2 bears already almost lvl 50 which is a pain in the ass as both times a whole ship almost sank....
  2. Guys, I think I f***ed up...I was thinking it has different textures and so, especially because of this part in patch "New Environment: Eastern Tundra now has its own visual design, no longer using the Western Tundra style" However, seems I just saw houses made from colored wood and thatch which made me think from a distance, that they have different style and misunderstood the meaning of the pacth. Sorry guys!
  3. Well I made a post in suggestion, however I think nobody saw it and think it will be better to post it here! What if, we will have an option to craft "tool repair kit" which will have, for example, 5 uses? The main reason of it is to fix your tools, weapons, armor etc. away from home. At the minute we are taking few axes and pickaxes to gather more resources which is not very comfortable...I would rather spend same amount resources as fixing those tools 5 times on 1 craft, craft for 3 kits and go with 1 axe and 1 pickaxe. After 5 uses each kit could disappear, like I never had it. In this case we won't need to take 1 million of each tool and won't care, if he have needed amount of them as we can take only 1 of each and fix them depending on situation. What do you think guys?
  4. Yeah, I was surprised too when I saw! Now, I am interested in getting house in chinese or japanese style!
  5. Does anyone knows, how the building type works? I mean, lets say I have wooden house in the A7 and in the M12. They looks different. Why? Is it effected by the squire place or the type of resources and is it possible to build house in A7 which would look same as on M12, if you know what I mean?
  6. Hi guys, I was thinking, what if we would have "tool fixing" craft. Basically you craft it in smithy and take to the trip. You use your axe, pickaxe, sword or whatever it is and when it brakes, in place of going home to fix it in the smithy or take 5 axes with you, you use this "item" to fix whatever you have been using. They could be different and useable only few times (3 times for example each) and then disappears. They can be different for armor, tools and weapons. In this case we won't take 5 axes with us. It will be easier to take 3 "tool fixers" and just fix whatever we need. Usually I have to take a lot axes and pickaxes which is annoying.... I think a lot of people would like to have it. :)
  7. Well not really. You said, that PVE is broken...well how we can make it better if we won't speak? If everybody will eat everything how it is, because it's BROKEN, how DEVs will be able to make it better? The way of making videos, chatting, complaining or just telling your lucky or unlucky stories is the way, how you are making the things better. DEVs are reading you and +100500 other ppl and knows what to change, where to go or what was the mistake. Same with players. They are reading your posts, our posts and open something new and unexpected. How it can happen or what can happen, because of something. P.S. We have got our land back. The guy went online today, seems like it wasn't a troll, he just didn't know if we still play or not. We spoke to him and he agreed to give it back. This time we've got lucky. But I can bet it would never happen in PVP server.
  8. Yep I tried, but nothing happened. What makes me even more sad, this person didn't claim anybodies else land. Only ours and he is not even playing at the moment. He have never logged back in again and has only 8 flags (our 4 + 4 in the sea). It looks like it was just some troll, who knew about update, claimed everything and went off for 3 weeks.
  9. Yes, but the thing is, now we are not able to claim our house back anymore from the person, who did nothing to own it. Creatures will die and we have to find new place being 100 years old with nothing. Basically our 1 month progress was just a waste of time....that hurts you know. I don't want to spend 8 more hours just sailing and checking. In these 8 hours I could play or something more productive.
  10. What makes me sad, that we even can't get our tamed creatures out...they all will just die....why the structures goes to the new owner??? Why we can't keep our houses?? We could just pay some money or resurces to the new landlord or whatever....but taking of everything...this is way too cruel. Even all PINCODES drops of....
  11. Basically this is what happened... we have a small company of 3-4 ppl. After 2 weeks of sailing we finnaly got the small peace of land and build a house (spent few more weeks as we have work and physically can play only 2 days a week) of stone. Few days ago some1 just claimed all our land...we knew it can happen so made sure that our claim flag is inside of the house. And it didn't help!!! The guy just have put the flag way too far from ours and now owns everything! This is way not fair! I mean, I don't mind some1 to have a claims and taxation, but that moment when he just got the free house doing complitelly nothing is really raging us....basically it means that if you are lazy, you can claim other ppl house. Just in 1 click we lost 100% of our progress. Ok ok, will wait for 3 days...and just when a few hours left to wait they made it to 3 weeks! Really???Why now??? Why not 1 day later??? Why not 4 days earlier??? Now we don't see any point in the game as we can't do anything.....we are 100 years old, we don't have a house, my body is stucked in textures so I can't even die (the house is not my anymore, of corse I will stuck....). We can afford only 2 days of playing every week....and these news complitely destroyed us....it will take for us ages with the new stone building needs and everything to build a new house or get a land....this is so dissapointing that probably we will have to say "bye bye"....the idea of 3 weeks is awesome, but it came in the most worst moment....
  12. Can anyone explain me, how the auto parry is working? I tried to hold CTRL + Mouse, however it keeps blocking forever....If I try to do it mannualy, my character is not going into blocking again, before he will get at least 2 hits into face...Is there anything what I don't understand or it is just broken?
  13. Hmmm....seems nobody cares and I am not going to get any help from anywhere....
  14. Can anyone explain me please how the skill of parry is working? One of the skills says, that I can make attack after successful block for 30% faster. So I tried to do it as the agme said "hold CTRL and Mouse at the same time to do attack after block"....however, it didn't work. Actually character keeps blocking and does nothing. I tried to do it manually, but it wasn't faster as before taking the 30% skill and actually it is not working too. My character is not going into block stage after doing a hit before gets 2 in the face. This way is kinda forcing me to hold block forever or die. Is there anything I don't understand or it is just not working properly?
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