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  1. I felt pretty cool climbing up this mountain with my war machine Kali.
  2. Yay Tacticalnatty, I'll be saying grats if I see you in game again! And yay an honorable mention! Love the progress the game is making, please keep it up!
  3. Looking for land (Preferably near G10) that I could build a small outpost and taming pen. I just want tigers and other resources that are not available to me. I am based on G10 (desert). I play with 1 person regularly but am part of a smaller company of people that I would be taming tigers for. I'd also be farming materials for myself and my partner, you can tax me whatever you want. My island has rhinos and elephants and honey and some sugar. Other stuff too. Add me on Steam - Moon or discord Moon ♥#2358 If adding on Steam just look for the weaboo profile I dont want to build much. Dont need much But im a farmer so tax me. EMAIL
  4. Not a fancy screen shot, but this is after I got back from that adventure at the fountain of youth... Very happy to be young again! (Notice the Moon tattoo on forehead, very sailor moonie! My in-game name is Moon). Had to take a screen shot to commemorate it! And the new Milky Armada sponsored Galleon!
  5. My Captain is a Ravens fan and I painted his Brig for him ;)
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