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  1. I know of craigslist. I am a man of culture you see . Sure will do
  2. Rip into people??? Have I offended you with my words? Cause I dont see anything offensive. I am just sharing my thoughts Great argument! I love how you based my point of view on LIFE using three sentences that I said. Great Job mate. I applaud you "Are you really equating the survival of an entire species to a playstyle in a game?" It's business. it's an income source for some people (devs who made it). And it's just an analogy, as you said. I dont mind solo play, I certainly played many games solo. But the way the game is designed doesnt really cater to solo players. That however doesnt mean they are not welcomed. As you said they will be playing with a handicap. Some people enjoy that I get it. Will that stop me from sharing my thoughts on the forums? No. Should it stop you from disagreeing? No. Anyway, we have digressed from my original idea of not letting NPCs take care of, in my opinion, the most fun activities you can do in the game. Shooting the cannons and handling the sails.
  3. Well, we have a saying. One hand cant clap. Work, kids, sports and many other small and big examples. There are always other humans involved. And yeah, I do think solo play should get penalised. If you really were alone you'd go mad. Humans didn't reach the top of the food chain and dominate the planet by by being alone. They worked together. Simple natural selection, you belong to a group you survive you go off on your own, you die. Basic science.
  4. People have been complaining about this since the very beginning, me included.
  5. I was browsing around online for video cards the other day and 1050 ti is like 241 USD and 1080 is like 906 USD so there's a big difference. These are the prices available in my country (Egypt) since am planning on buying a new monitor as well I am going for the 1050 ti plus the 1080 is waaaaay too powerful for my CPU. My CPU is not great, I know, but it's not bad either.
  6. I'm just saying as in life you cant do ANYTHING on your own. You have to work with others. so having some mindless NPC take over vital roles in sailing. doesn't seem intuitive to me. And as you said there are a ton of roles when it comes to sailing but most of them are indeed boring. But a good game designer would know how to make games more engaging and fun.
  7. I mean if you wanna play solo maybe dont play a multiplayer game ???
  8. wow sounds like a lot has changed, kinda looking forward to it now. Since you've mention performance updates maybe I'll give it a go on my current machine see how it performs. I would get abysmal fps bec honestly my pc is like 6 years old lol. i5 3740 3.2 Ghz gtx 560 (the equivalent of having a human slave render out your video lol) But Yeah I've checked what's bottlenecking me and it's def the GPU so I am gonna get the GTX 1050 ti. Hopefully that runs it with higher fps on higher video settings. installing it now see how it plays.
  9. Here might be an unpopular opinion. But as most people sail their own ships as CORPSE said, maybe dont let NPCs make everything on the ship. Back when I used to play it was fun to sail around with 3-5 guys on the same schooner or brig, having them handle sails and cannons. before our company had NPCs. after we got NPCs it became Boring. only the guy on the helm would get all the fun. And when you're alone on the ship... well, it's both scary and boring.
  10. Tell me how it is. I quit around January, but I plan to be back around Feb next year as I will be making a much needed upgrade to my pc.
  11. That’s my point exactly, I havent tested it out yet but before v10 guns are useless against armour. But guns not killing creatures is one thing entirely I understand a giant ass croc wont die from 1 shot of a pistol but i heard it does 90 dmg now which is just stupid
  12. So here’s a quick tutorial. ok first of, you make a company and then you write a description. Pretty straight forward....however what it doesnt tell you straight away is you can make other tabs. The home tab and two default tabs. Images and Topics. And that’s all you really need. You can customise those tabs to your liking but the default are good enough. So the images tab is pretty straight forward. You upload images of your company. For advertisement. The topics tab, here’s where all the fun begins. You can make recruitment post, update posts, and discussion posts. It’s like a sub forum of the companies tab And the owner of the company is the mod. So good luck guys and happy sailing. I’m not advertising my company but I saw a lot of companies with barely any work put into them so i thought people with companies are gonna neeed this quick tip did this thread help you or did you already know this reply below
  13. Ok so I was reading around on the forums and there are 2 main issues here. offline raiding and the gun nerf in v10 I havn’t played v10 yet as I’m out of town. However I have what I think is a reasonable solution to “offline raiding”. Due to the nature of ATLAS, everything is forever on the server and since it’s just the a game people cant always be on the server, but NPCs can!! So here’s my suggestion. You can get NPCs to man your cannons and your sails. Then why cant you get NPCs to protect your base at night ? It’s just a thought and it will need a lot of work because you need to make an AI that recognizes attackers from just passers. Or maybe AI that fires only if fired upon. Imagine this. You have built a shore base with some cannons placed strategically all around. You have your artillary and your musketeers on set patrol lines. Your ships are in dock and anchored . You can have a setting on your NPCs to be on “protect “ basically only firing if fired upon any of the company’s properies, Like walls, gates, ships, etc it will be like having your own little army. Of course they will never be as smart as real players but it will still be some sort of resistance to the attackers making them think twice before attacking an offline base But then again you might have the idea that this is great if you can have 2 dozens of these AI soldiers with their aimbots and their plate. Your base is fine even if you’re ONLINE. I guess there is a solutions for this. You make it so that these guards, if you will, are weaker when there is a player of a friendly company around them. And strongner when there is none. ie ALL are offline. Now with the gun nerf. Simple solution....FIX GUNS!!! srsly tho, guns are naturally OP. I think if you wanna balance guns then make them harder to get. I have a suggestion since plate armour is basically useless against real guns. Just look it up on youtube. Musket vs breastplate. The .50 cal projectile fired from an early pistol or musket just has TOO MUCH ENERGY and will thus penetrate every and anything. Especially late medieval plate like the one depicted in the game. That’s why people got rid of armour when guns were invented bec it became useless. I understand this is a fantasy game but some sort of common sense should apply. Nerf guns by making them harder to obtain. Not by lowering their damage. Maybe have a system where these muskets or pistols are not very effective at long range as they really were. Because ball projectiles are not very aerodynamical are they? so yeah tell me what do you think guys.
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