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    Flag claiming

    I left out details on who was doing this and what they were doing because that's beating a dead horse at this point. This is not about tactics this is about game mechanics. And it's a top 10 tribe that failed to take us in mass combat so they started this crap. Just wait till it happens to you and see if you are still thinking it's that easy friend.
  2. Nekroic

    Flag claiming

    I was in a company of 150, and we could not stop the attack on our land. And here is how they did it. We controlled our full island and the opposing force controlled the one next to us. For over 24+ hours they had a group of 6 guys. 2 would build a raft and 4 would sail. They would ran around throwing flags till they got a location. Once they did they plopped down a stone structure. And every raft coming would have items like 2 ceilings and a couple walls after that point. They could get to our island in about 10 mins on the raft to stop the claim. They would run in and build on to their structure making it harder and harder to get inside. They were just building or replacing the parts were had just removed with cannons to make it impossible to get inside to kill the sleeping guy. We killed the vast majority of the raft runners, but if one wall goes up its about 20 more cannon shots atleast to get in. Needless to say our guys after 5000+ connon shots just gave up. The game was not even fun by this point. It was a stupid game mechanic that if the opposing force is willing to do can not be stopped. THE FIX: You can not build on contested land. If you control it or not you can not build. You can repair but not build. This will make attacks more fun in that you will see actual damage during the attacks and not instant wall replacements. And second, you must be on a contested spot for 5 mins to reset the time. Have one naked person just touch the edge of the spot and run off to reset is just not fun. It needs to be 5 plus mins. And last idea. If you have a spot being contested it needs to blink on the map. This is not apart of the above message but would be nice. Ally claims show up as blue on the map! Thanks for the read, and this game could be great with some changes! NEKROIC