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    Captain's Log 16: Patch v10, Anti-Cheat & Support ho!

    #1 biggest issue for me is people sinking my ships on PVE. Makes me not want to launch my ships because people are exploiting the weight bugs. The only thing I want to do in this game is sail around and explore, but if I leave my ship for 10 minutes to sleep, someone is sinking it. If I'm actually sailing it, I'm being mobbed by groups of ghost ships that spawn in my path 3 or 4 at a time. I'd think that ghost ships would be somewhat rare and something you'd almost have to go hunting for. If it was me, I'd set a hard limit of 1 (maybe 2) ship of the damned per region, and additionally make their spawn around 15-20% chance, tops. It should be a surprise when one shows up in your area, not a given. Hell, make them really rare like limited to 1 or 2 in the entire world at any given time, and never allowed too close to each other, then make their loot worth the searching for. I'd prefer having 1 non-agro super hard to beat ghost ship wandering around "somewhere" that my company would have to search for with 3 or 4 schooner or bigger ships just at a chance to get some awesome loot. Over all though, you guys have done an amazing job so far and despite the constant griefing I'm still having fun with it!
  2. The key is that they're picking up from the ground, which has no weight checks or limits. Your experience is with trying to take things out of containers. You can pull a stack out of a box and be maxed out, but you can drop it on the ground (over and over and over) and then pick up everything before the decay timer is done and you have thousands of pounds over your normal weight limit. In addition to that you can still move while overweight, no matter by how much. It's slow, but you can still walk with 80,000 pounds of metal/stone/whatever
  3. Captain Varghoss

    Skill tree nonsense

    Not really sure it's a "bug" so much as quality of life and failure of logic. The skill tree is confusing anyway, but certain parts make less sense. 1.) Players are unable to even view locked skill branches without spending the points to unlock. This is obviously a problem for planning skill progression. 2.) Spending points just to unlock a tab without gaining any new skills or bonuses seems to be a pointless waste of points. 3.) Some skills locked behind other requirements makes sense but others don't. Example: In order to unlock Beast Mastery I have to spend 2 point on Hand to Hand Combat then 3 more points on Beastmastery JUST to unlock the tab. Why do I need hand to hand combat for this? It's not something I needed at all. So far I'm 5 points into this and haven't gained anything. After that I have to spend another pile of points on taming, commanding, and riding tier 1, just to unlock tier 2 riding so I can ride someone elses tame. This doesn't make any sense at all. Riding skills and maybe command skills, sure, but I have to learn how to tame so I can RIDE something already tamed. Other skill trees have similar restrictions and ridiculous prerequisite skills. What is the point exactly of having people skill up in VERY SPECIFIC ROLES if no one else in the company can use the products of their labor? When everyone in the company has to spend 12+ skill points just to ride a tame, it's not very job specific. There should be some very specific skills in the main tree for basic skills, building thatch, building tools, riding/commanding tames, cooking basic meals, building a raft, etc. BASIC SKILLS. These skills should grant the basic needs AND unlock the associated tab to further enhance that particular skillset. For example, Beastmastery (which has no dependency on something dumb like combat skills) should unlock the tab AND allow you to command and ride tames with saddles. Under the newly unlocked beast mastery tab there would be skill trees for better riding skills (stamina bonus, better speed, more damage/harvesting, etc) as well as a skill tree for taming. This would allow one person in the company to be the "beast master" and tame things with bonuses and better speed, higher levels, etc because he trained for it. Meanwhile EVERYONE can spend 3-4 points in basic riding skill and use the tames he has worked so hard for. The alternate solution is that you double our skill points gained so we can train everything, because that's the only way to actually access the stuff. If we all have to be taming experts to ride something, then we should all have the points to unlock that skill tree while also pursuing shipbuilding or whatever
  4. Captain Varghoss

    XP Gain Bugged

    I just spent about 3-4 hours farming and crafting to build a brig and noticed that my XP has barely increased at all. Farmed around 10,000 wood/thatch/fiber and used it to build a large shipyard (which was also placed), 3 medium ship decks and 10 gunport, a few hundred gunpowder, 300 arrows, some cannon balls, and a few other misc things. Also repaired a bunch of stuff. During this time I've also killed around 12 wolves that spawned while I was farming. All of this work has resulted in about 250xp, which is what I calculated to be the passive XP gain just from being alive and logged in. I've tried reloading, relogging, I've died a few times, nothing seems to reset it on my end. The only thing I can think of that may have triggered this was using my respec yesterday before logging off, which was around the same time as the 9.3 patch. I don't remember if I did the respec before or after the patch. Since then I don't seem to gain XP besides the passive XP gain.