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    Kicked from EU PvE Server

    Same error here for 3 days. Everytime when i was disconnected it was with this message: You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason 'Client not responding' 1. I tried to uninstall battlEye with updating JAVA. - I was able to connect but behavior of game was "I cant do anything with anything of my clan." - after 2 minutes disconnect. 2. I tried to verify files. - same as 1. 3. I tried uninstall game with clean registers(regedit). - I was able to connect, and behavior of game !changed! to normal "I was able do anything with anything of my clan." - after 2 minutes disconnect.....
  2. somemay

    Log In Issues? Rejoin Atlas Missing?

    i can't rejoin with my old character, but i can join with new character...
  3. i had this issue too 2times or 3 times and i am plaing on official server... this is issue of server-side crashes and desync when transitioning. @larger - you need to try again ang again to rejoin... after 5 or 10 minutes it was repaired and you can continue in your plaing...
  4. it is easy try to open map from menu or in game push number 8 and in right up corner is marker which you can drag and drop in your map.
  5. somemay


    hello please support my thread ;).
  6. for better explanation why repair this code.... when you will take more material then you can you will hurt yourself(in real life)... why not here in game when a lot of players reporting this bug.
  7. Hello, i am not a developer of game but i am developer of another application, but it can't be so different..... Can you please add to your code so simple thing like this? A lot of player's will be gratefull to this update... Mainly on PVE. if(player.actualWeight > (player.maxWeight * 1,5)) { player.startHPloss(); player.cannotmove(); } else if(player.actualWeight >= player.maxWeight) { player.cannotmove(); }