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  1. Thanks for the clarification, I'm just figuring out a worst case scenario so hopefully none of that worry will ever be needed
  2. Right so would building things on the foundations such as Crafting stations, Storage Boxes, Beds etc also be subject to the 24 hour rule?
  3. Is the 24 hour removal timer everything? Say could I get on after the wipe set ourselves up a few house foundations and then build them upwards over the next few days as people claim the islands without the risk of it been deleted? Or will simply extending a house upwards still have that 24 hour removal timer?
  4. Giant Snakes are fine you can kite them around with a bow easily or 2-3 hit kill them with the Mace ground smash with ease, , Rattlesnakes again 1 shot with a bow or a few seconds swinging a sickle at them kills them . Lions are no where near as overpowered as the wolves were with bow 30% damage skills majority of lions die in 1 head shot or head shot + 1 body shot for higher level ones and they generally appear solo sometimes as a two compared to wolves constantly roaming in packs of 2-7 whislt also taking 3 head shots with a bow to kill them.
  5. The servers are currently in the worst state I've seen them, I'd much rather crash a few times per hour than have the current 24/7 rubberbanding issues. Hopefully a fix to stop this or at least remove the majority of it is close by as this is really frustrating many people I play with and it would be a shame to loose some of them if this persists over the next week or two because this game is great fun otherwise.