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  1. I'm happy they are adding different ways to playing the game for sure. As for the PvE side is concerned there defiantly needs to be more accessible things to do other than kraken and yeti. I've had a blast over the year smashing all the content with my smaller company. The game is big and deserves its accommodations. Having NPC boats in game would be amazing. Or factions like the Navy, specific brands of pirates, or merchants that sail the seas would be awesome. I like the idea of single player where these lands are already taken over by NPC crews and its your job to take them over, I think this be be expanded on. Having these NPC factions that own land and have fleets scouting the ocean would be awesome, and depending on the factions depend on the aggressiveness of them. The ability to use the claim flag on "faction ships" as an instant claim would be great(after killing the crew or taking them prisoners), with the addition of a towing hawser to tow these boats to either freeport, main base, or an entirely new faction of pirates; buy the ships for gold, resources, or even blueprints. Please add the ability to declare war with another company in PvE. Just make it so that both companies have to agree to the war to enable ship damage to the companies in the Declaration. pleaseeeeeee NPC towns or freeports can be expanded on with characters that have full dialog and give out quests to people for specific resources or blueprints for rare rewards, quest only cosmetics, and other rewards. It would be really amazing to have masterwork ship builders that have quests you would have to do for them to be able to unlock new ship styles, different cannon cosmetics, sails, and other cool and fun additions. Overall I just love Atlas, and I would love to see the PvE side of the game grow. I know PvP is insanely fun and rewarding but as for the PvE side mmo goes, I know it has insane potential and I'd just absolutely love to see it grow to what it can be. Keep up the good work and I'm keeping my eye on all the updates to come, I'm really excited to see what the farmhouse introduces. -V31L
  2. Good! I'm happy to see things like this, it will help smaller companies and solo players more. Hopefully they add more things like a mine, and other structures. it will offer different ways to play the game and offer ways to lessen grinding and put more time into actually playing. I'm just hoping they add NPC merchant ships that we can board and fight the crews on them, in hopes they are carrying valuable resources and treasure. A towing hawser would also be a great addition to be able to tow ships back to main base to use, or back to a freeport to be able to sell.
  3. "Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate" - Captain Jack Sparrow -V31L
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