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    Can you guys lower the player hair grow speed at least in 3-5 times. Allways we're comin back from treasue huntin or pvp, we looks like Tom Hanks from Cast Away movie, like we're was survived for 3 years on some island and was talking to the cocunat named Wilson. People jsut used to be like Tom, thats why no one askin to change it...
  2. Valravn


    Thanks for 33% Typnoons chance! Now we need some snow, and we're good. :))
  3. Valravn

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    Nothin special just a few screenshots
  4. v18.31 Patch note. - Fixed Swivel Cannons from firing through walls But why would you nerf open windows?
  5. Valravn

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    just for the lulz
  6. Valravn

    Atlas map is lagging.

    Good day, can you please make a map less laggy? We noticed animated fog on the map, could be because of it.
  7. Valravn


    Hi guys, I know you're guys busy at fixing and making game looks betther. Thats why Im suggest you to add rainy weather without Typhoons. You guys did a great job with weather system during sailing and I really like your rainy weather with that ambient sound when you inside the structures. But seems like I cant really enjoy it couse there always laggy Typnoons rektin my ship a part. Maybe you can add only few of them but really really strong ones, that we can see on our maps during storms, and try to avoid it or use it. Maybe they can form from a whirlpools for 10-20 sec before that rektin people ships apart. dunno One more thing. We start to sailing to the north pole really often for treasure hunting. But there no weather, only fog. Feels really boring when we start sailing back at night, everyone just want to leave and go to sleep. I dont know what ur game engine capable of, but can you try to add some snow, maybe snow storms is that possible. At least without dynamic material shaders that you guys have during rain. And thanks you guys for your work for fixing and updating a game really often. press f to pay respect
  8. Valravn

    Fix D 11 EU Pvp

    ... the comrades I've lost
  9. Valravn

    Animal's Stables

    Hi guys, can you please make some sort of stables for our animals, couse right now its looks like this. Ugly af if u ask me. https://imgur.com/a/lzgW05s Or maybe some nps who will keep our animals save for a little payment
  10. Valravn

    Common Hide Pants

    Losing face textures when equipping common Hide Pants, since 10.0
  11. Valravn

    Firearms is dead?

    Soo, my question is. Is this, some medieval game? Why I should swap to a freakin bow? My 2 alliances using bows and there is me, tryharding with pistols like a white crow xD Maybe devs thinkin that we going to craft and upgrade our legendary-mythical Flintstock's, Muskets and make significant dmg after 5+ upgrades? But thing is, nobody craftin. We have all resources, but you can stuck on a texterus, died by some freakin lags or from some other crazy sh** and lose it in a sec. Also it really resource demanding when u trying to repair it. It hard to aim in a big fights couse of lags, it has 7 sec reload time with all talents and still nerfed. Even when it was ok before v10 people was using bows and fire arrows, right now it just wasted. Sorry for whining here but its really fun to see when you makin 2-3 clear headshots to a naked guy, but he still able to run,scream and shot with a bow Thats pirate game for god sake, give us some fire power!
  12. Valravn

    Few new 10.42 bugs.

    Soo ye,I was wrong, there is a headshots. But we was cheking pistol, muskets in pvp and it seems like you need 2-3 shots to kill a naked guy by shooting in his head. So nakedguy meta not only alive, it become stronger. Please fix, pistols supposed to be stronger, then bow and arrows. Thats why you guys give it almost 7sec reload time.
  13. Valravn

    Show ‘n Tell #2! Deadline: Monday 14th Jan

    Some scandinavian tattoos
  14. Valravn

    Few new 10.42 bugs.

    1.No facial textures after equipping Common Hide Pants. https://imgur.com/a/k5kvQUt 2.Pistols not making any headshots anymore, locked at 75dmg. Took me 4 shots to kill lvl 16 boar, and lvl 7 wolf (cyclops at golden ruins was hard to kill, now its almost impossible) Not cheked other firearms weap. Maybe same dmg in pvp.
  15. Valravn

    WAR on Eu Pvp - UwU vs. Le Saint Empire

    Guys can I have a screenshot where Le Saint Empire base? Lost a ship when I was offline, couse of them.