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  1. Ok, I've made my mind up.. you're like a RL troll who is very confused... Please pick a side of the fence to be on. And yes, now I am targeting you.
  2. Sorry Boomer, I promise I'm not targeting you! But, I think their approach is somewhat giving the vets of the game, a well deserved "Head Start", while being able to analyze the data, nothing more.
  3. I appreciate your honesty, Boomer. I look forward to meeting you in game! I just wanted to HIGHLIGHT something here!!
  4. So do you like, or dislike the game.. you are confusing us?
  5. Are you trolling, or can you not read?
  6. Why can't you millennials understand this is for the greater good of the game! Stop being butt hurt.
  7. Hello Mr. Pessimistic, le'sigh.. Have some faith brother!
  8. This is AWESOME news! Honestly the best option for the game in current state. For those of you who are complaining about the wipe, turn that frown upside down, buttercups!
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