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  1. Smohk

    Old AF Debuff

    Age debuff and vitamins, both ideas are completely absurd. So, do we just calculate how long it'll take us to age to 100 or whatever the age is to reset, and not play until then so we can play without the debuff?
  2. Smohk

    wolves and lions too powerful

    Totally agree. All of the predators need taken down a notch or two and balanced out.
  3. Totally agree. Extreme weather, including the water spouts needs to be taken down a notch or two. As for the vitamins... The vitamin system is nothing but obnoxious at best. I completely ignore it and find a way to die instead of bothering to fix vitamins when levels get low.
  4. Smohk

    Kick after installing battleye

    I've noticed BattleEye is horrid with some slower connections, including lower speed cable.
  5. The animal respawns are set far too quick. It looks like they take about 5 to 10mins to respawn. This becomes a nuisance at times to say the least, especially when predators, or worse, alphas are in the mix.
  6. Very well said OP, totally agree. I got this game when hearing it may be EVE like, at the moment its far from it, but there's still hope. Let's see it be less like Ark and #MoreLikeEVE .
  7. Smohk

    Alpha spawn reduction

    Completely agree. There are far too many alphas at the moment. Alphas should be a rare thing that gives a feeling of excitement/fear when finding one, not annoyance and dread.
  8. Chat tabs would be amazing. At the moment, having only one window for displaying all chats is becoming very busy. Between alliance, company, and global, there is so much text that the box becomes obsolete.
  9. My company left base for less than 15 minutes and someone attempted to claim our flag. Please correct me if I'm misinformed but, isn't the claim suppose to be protected when players are active/online?