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  1. Kegstand Mcfarland

    There is NO PVP in offline raiding so why is it allowed?

    Show me a private server that operates at full capacity and I will hop right on it, until then I am stuck with live and I paid for the game and can ask for it to change just like you. Simple fact is that for years apon years hardcore gamers have touted that snowflakes ruin their games but the sheer loss of players is what ruins it. Hardcore gamers would bite their own foot off to spite their face. Non stop conquest run the whole live server until there's only 2 or 3 big boys on the block and then they all treaty up and have a boring game with no one to fight because only a fraction of the player base remains. Large wormhole corps in Eve learned that lesson the hard way by evicting anyone who could put up a fight until the point came when they rage rolled on Friday nights and found no one to fight. Sure they made money in peace but had no one left to fight with their blinged out ships and that=loss. Everquest went through the same thing on Sullon Zek a pvp server that allowed players to pvp from level 10 up with no restrictions(This lead to the most brutal camping of leveling players I have ever seen and have yet to find a game remotely as brutal In that respect. I have seen afk players whos bind spot was found by another team camped and killed until they lost max level all the way back to level 10...To level to max was a feat in itself back then. Let alone get geared unless you had a great guild) Three teams battled for supremacy. Evil, Neutral and Good. Evil made a truce with Good which allowed them to successfully complete raid content which soon skyrocketed their gear far past the other teams. They backed out of their truce and fought to keep either of the teams from completing any of the raid content. The players on the neutral teams were more skilled in pvp but didn't have the gear to stand against the elite groups on Evil team and eventually that and the griefing of lower level players so far out of hand that SZ was dubbed the ghetto of Everquest. These practices eventually lead to the demise of pvp servers in general. Finally a mass exodus to Wow happened only a few days after they combined all the servers in EQ to one server with a bjorked ruleset. I could go on and on but the fact is that some fair play changes to help smaller groups will in fact eventually lead to more ship battles which is the REAL reason people are here. Not to raid bases...there's a crap ton of other games for that and they do it far better on both defending and attacking sides.
  2. Kegstand Mcfarland

    There is NO PVP in offline raiding so why is it allowed?

    The large groups are already doing it LOL...where do you come up with this logic, I am truly giggling anyhoo better things to do ttfn/
  3. Kegstand Mcfarland

    There is NO PVP in offline raiding so why is it allowed?

    Doesn't change the fact that if they had change their thought process on what was most important they would have successful games instead of tombstones. Like Rust they have only gotten better. they have boned a few things but they have constantly evolved. Sure it does judging by the amount of posts about it. Just because you like it doesn't meant he mass of people complain should have to. But hey if you want a pve game keep on advocating chasing off new blood and you and your other offline raid buddies can hit each other while you sleep.
  4. Kegstand Mcfarland

    There is NO PVP in offline raiding so why is it allowed?

    where are all the games that you speak of....dead and gone. OR like Ark and Rust private servers who have RULES. Great glad you like sodomy but not everyone should have to play that way
  5. Kegstand Mcfarland

    Freeports get spamed with Tamed Animals as Storage for Stuff.

    Preach it! Should be able to park ships in freeports and pay gold for rentals. Maybe a max amount of time like 16 hours at a time. We can't have anything live when sleeping and work all our ships die daily. Maybe a company limit like 1 ship or 2 ships per Company etc.
  6. Kegstand Mcfarland

    What is wrong with Atlas Players?

    On top of all this the stone nerf plays a huge part in small company griefing. In rust a small company would put up such a huge base that most larger groups wouldn't bother with it because it simply cost more to raid it then what they would most likely get to loot. Not so with Stone walls being 30x the cost of 9 cannon balls in Atlas. Wood with 3x as many honeycombs is almost better because of the resource reduction to put it up. On top of that I would guess that many small companies are in lawless or tundra regions because those are the only places no one else really wants. Make stone stronger and you relieve a shit ton of griefing issues imo. It won't effect large company battles because that is what they want in the end right endless pew pew pew? Offline raid protection is really something needed for games these days. Maybe make it a toggle so you can choose to go full hardcore if your company chooses to do so. It makes sense because there are tons of people who enjoy pvp who don't want or need to be part of huge zergs. In fact those who go it small have way more balls then the sheep flocking to the large corps. That is what it is too...herd mentality. We all flock to the larger groups till they get their arses whooped then we all slip away in the night and pretend we don't know them and join the other big group. Seen that soooooo many times lol.
  7. Kegstand Mcfarland

    What is wrong with Atlas Players?

    I fell yer pain man. I played with the top groups in Eve for years and ya know what sometimes it's just nice to play with YOUR friends and not have to deal with politics and pressure that is the large group. Now on saying that paying to rent space is great but it's not as easy as these forum warriors are making it out to be. I have been through so many zones asking for a place to rent and getting told outright to get bent or to leave or die etc. A12 for example, Black Butterfly owned. Largest island in the game the only other one of it's type is A4. Island has every resource you could want but salt and in such huge quantities you could fit 100 companies there without ever touching dicks in the night. We asked politely to live there and pay upwards of 30% tax and were told no the island was too saturated and we had 24 hours to leave. There are literally 3-5 bases on an island that could fit 300 bases and never once step on the toes of the guys beside you. Never saw the server pop rise above 25 people and that was with our 8 guys on and through Chinese prime time. We have had the same interaction with Destiny, HSBB, Dynasty, OOF, OWO. Some of the largest companies in game and they are like nah no room 5 people live here but no room you leave now. We lived lawless but the radius around structures is so small you get single foundation cannon wiped nightly while you sleep. NPC protections sure...except the cannon guys kill them with carbine or set up at the right angle to not get hit back. Build a ship wall it in. Wall gets shot down and ships sunk nightly. Never get enough of a chance to farm gold for NPC defenses because our ships never last a day. 95% of them have all been offline sunk. We have lost one brig and one schooner in actual combat I think. Our Galleon glitched out zoning and devs won't give us a new one so that's gone as well lol. Just dropped that galleon, took it to freeport to crew it zoned out poof, glitched and never got to use it again. People in this forum spouting the same tired rhetoric they have been spouting in every full loot game since they came into existence. Offline raiding is the most efficient so that is why its done. Go back to PVE whiner. It's an MMO why should anyone protect yer stuff when yer offline. Guess where all those other full loot games are now...GONE or with such a small niche community of like minded toxic retards> The only one left is Rust and why because they have private servers with RULES. Solo, DUO,Trips,Quad only servers. Also even on the big servers it's so easy to build up because they too realized it shouldn't be farm fest and allow you to get yer shit up and running in an afternoon so you can then play the PVP game. Many large groups In Eve learned that wiping a mom and pop wormhole company chases potential fights and ganks away permanently. they stopped wiping them so more would come and provide content. All these mega corps have small niche groups of douches running around at 4am offlining everyone. All it takes is the leadership to stand up and say nope no more fuckery boys were here for good fights and if all the mom and pop groups are dead and gone they won't sail for supplies or give any fights. We were alphas on Ark and had the same rules, let the small prosper so open world pvp for drops and other stuff could happen. Be sportsman and don't kill passive tames or offline raid. We would wipe anyone who did it so long as proof was provided to us by smaller tribes. Now if smaller tribes are being douches then that's different. Not hard at all for Grapeshot to implement a timer after a ship has anchored that it goes invulnerable. Maybe even the stipulation that ships only go invulnerable after all company members log. They had it set up in ARK not hard to do it here and not unfair. Ships/bases go invulnerable after a timer so if being raided they lose all their shit if they try and log. Small mom and pop companies are safe because well small and life and work etc. Large corps always have peeps online so the hardcore peeps can take their own advice and join a large company... Just because you can offline doesn't mean you should. And if more peeps started frowning on sportless action like that then the gaming community as a whole would be much better off. Kinda like it used to be, full of sportsman nerds who weren't scared to lose it all in open battle. Nerds of 20 years ago were made fun of by everyone practically but they had a helluva lot more balls and integrity then 98% of todays gamers.
  8. Kegstand Mcfarland

    What is wrong with Atlas Players?

    Last time I checked Multiplayer meant you will have interactions with other player characters. Not that you have to actually team up with them.
  9. Kegstand Mcfarland

    What is wrong with Atlas Players?

    Yer part of the problem not the solution bub...why troll the guy when he has a very valid argument.
  10. Kegstand Mcfarland

    All In Favor of Region Lock To Kick the Chinese Out Say I

    I'd have to say yes to region locks or maybe for once the dumbass companies making these games would open servers for China. Not all the Chinese wanna play at 300+ ping either I am betting. I am also betting some of them would like to converse with players in game without using google translate.
  11. Kegstand Mcfarland

    Area around a base in lawless

    Ty Knivet. At the end of the day the bases in general need better strengths. Small companies should be allowed to turtle. Large force fights will take longer but isn't that what they are in it for? Battles apon battles? Stronger bases= less farming and more time building ships which= more ships on the water for those same people to shoot. I don't understand why large groups are even bothering with mom and pop groups let them prosper it puts more ships on the water eventually. Thrilling chases and unexpected pvp on the high seas is why were here...not to get blown up every night while we sleep by a bunch of red headed step children whos mommy didn't let them suck the teet enough so they hate everyone. I swear to go I have literally only had one ship killed in actual live pvp every other ship that I have owned has been sunk while I was offline.
  12. Kegstand Mcfarland

    Area around a base in lawless

    The reduced size has allowed them to role in and blap our stuff, and offline raid without wasting more then 20 minutes. the amount of cannon balls to blow into bases is nothing compared to the time it took to make them. You can honeycomb all you want but the cost and time spent is retarded compared to how quickly they go down. NPC's help but only so long as the enemy company isn't using large cannons or mortors then poof yer stuff is gone. Rent space? Sure I got chased out of the last 4 places I went trying to rent space. The last of which was a company who newly incaded anothers area and we set up in that area only to lose everything we own hours later when the previous owners allies showed up. Bad luck on our part but we have lived in so many places, tried diplomacy, even sucked it up and asked Chinese hackers if we could live there...and I hate hackers and I think China should be region locked and not only because their ping sucks and it's proven fact that 90% of the hacks for games are coming out of China atm but because this is a NA server they should get their own regional servers. Some will still VPN but many would most lkely enjoy having their own low ping servers.
  13. Kegstand Mcfarland

    Area around a base in lawless

    Thanks Vaylain
  14. Kegstand Mcfarland

    PvPers wont let new players on current Isands

    More then welcome to join our group. We live lawless, pretty relaxed aside from when its time to defend or get a pvp ship back into the water.
  15. Kegstand Mcfarland

    Area around a base in lawless

    When did they decrease the range at which non company players can place foundations around established bases? So not only have you guys increased damage to stone but increased cost and reduced the area of ownership so players can literally drop a foundation and cannons right on your base? Don't even need bears to haul cannons. WTF are you devs trying to do? Chase every small company away from the game? We literally just got fully offlined by 5 guys spamming foundations and cannons. Took us 2 weeks of work to establish in that area after being kicked out of 4 other zones by zergs now we get offlined daily with no way to defend against it. This game is a fucking joke now. Sad part is I have to sit through this crap because my friends don't want to give up because: "the devs will fix it soon" How many countless farming hours do I have to go through before you take your heads out of your asses? Salty...yep. Would I join a big company sure but all my friends want to do their own thing and I am stuck watching these nincompoops botch every change they make for the game. Since you guys seem to not give a flying fuck about how your game works why not throw down and do something no other game has done and implement this: Anchored ships whos owner is offline are invulnerable after "x" amount of time for a 24 hour period at which time if not used they go back to normal state. It would seriously reduce the amount of gates present in game which = better zone performance. Add Larger blocks which reduces object counts even more. It won't help with on grid load lag but server corruption/performance it will. All the other games of this type have all but died aside from Rust and there is a specific reason for that, a semi un-raidable base can be put up in an afternoon. (I shouldn't say unraidable because they all are but a base that costs more to raid then loot would yield is easy peasy) Any DayZ server I have ever played on with offline protections for cars or choppers or even bases has been a full server. Why because most normal people understand the fun is in actual pvp not griefing the guy who had to work all day. While yer at it add some parking via gold in freeports if you don't wanna do anything better. At least we have an option to park our brig and galleons somewhere they won't get offlined again daily.