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  1. so before 1 man can claim an entire island alone .. with claim now 1 man can claim all an island! OOOOOOOooook devs! can you please go get à brain please ...
  2. bye bye polar outpost ... rip .
  3. sleeping body doesnt exit anymore since last update . when you disconnect your body disapear. so it's npc , and a bot with npc are near
  4. hi , i can take a claim area , i'm alone in server and it says "contested" so i cant take it any answer? thx by advance .
  5. hi we have a gallion blocked on sea , cant move cant do nothing ... we are near an island but anchor not down , no sand dune etc.. nothing the gallion are totaly blocked , cant move anyone encounter this pb? ty for answer .
  6. tyze

    can't join siren's call server

    anyone can connect to siren's call server? i can join all other but impossible to join this one .. ty for answerd