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    bug report Breeding needs attention

    Breeding currently fails before the Juvenile stage, the effects of Hypothermia Or hyper-thermia are far too great for the babie. Hypothermia can be over come with Fires of most types, however there is no way to counter act HYPER thermia, so babies will over heat and expire well before the juvenile stage. This also includes Walking them into water, the water of a lake or the ocean has no effect on the animal and they still over heat. Please address this as we have lost 10 babies attempting breeding, and have watched them all die to overheating
  2. HibikiFox

    Wolfs Not Able to Breed

    Bump, would be nice if this was resolved before the tame event was over
  3. HibikiFox

    Wolfs Not Able to Breed

    Are wolfs able to breed, I can not seem to get them to show "Enable Wandering to Mate" and there is no "Ready to Mate"
  4. HibikiFox

    [NA PVP] The Kraken's Maw I3 Server is down

    it is a shame the characters are not stored on a central server that would let you swap zones if your last zone was DOA
  5. HibikiFox

    Spawning on bed

    Known bug: if a raft or vessel is too close to an Unclaimed piece of land... or land that is impossible to claim, that bed is treated as unclaimed land and you can not spawn on the raft
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    [NA PVP] The Kraken's Maw I3 Server is down

    Bump please,
  7. HibikiFox

    I cannot log in on NA PVP

    Character was last on I(India)3 NA PVP Krakens Maw, since the server is down currently I assume my character is SOL...