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  1. I'm in FL and confirmed that my company members in CT and DC also cannot connect. So this is definitely not a local problem.
  2. Ok if anyone else has this issue I figured it out. On the inventory screen on the far left middle of the screen there is an icon that looks like a tooltip. I didn't know what it did as Mine were not working but tried clicking all the buttons randomly and found out that clicking this icon turns the tooltips on or off. Good luck.
  3. Don't see an edit button, sorry for putting this in two posts. The tooltips are also missing from all my inventory, raw materials etc... Normal res is 4k but I have tried 1920X1080 too. At refresh rates of 30,60, and 120hz 4790k 2x GTX 1080ti in sli (Newest Drivers) 16gb DDR3 Ram Samsung ssd
  4. As of version 6.0 the tool tips over craft able items have been missing for me. I still have tool tips over my stats. I tried toggling the delay for tool tips on and off with no luck. I have also tried multiple different resolutions and formats(windowed, full screen, Windowed Borderless). Help would be appreciated as its very hard to make items without being able to see what the materials are.
  5. [NA PVP] The Kraken's Maw i3 Server is down and has been for hours. A restart would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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