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  1. My game is still crashing when I sail to another grid. I just now sailed from G12 to F12 and the game had the exact same fatal crash as in v9.392. I've just lost another ship and am getting tired of this game breaking glitch not being addressed...
  2. Tamed a Wolf right after the update. I can confirm this glitch and that re-logging in fixes it temporarily.
  3. Does anyone else feel that the guns are seriously under powered since 10.41? For example: I used to be able to kill a level 3 Scorpion easily with a well aimed pistol shot to the head. Now it takes 2-3 and 2 shots with a Carbine. Scaling up, I don't know how my Company is going to handle Alpha's on are island anymore. I understand if the Guns where too OP in PvP but we need them back to the way they were in PvE. Thoughts?
  4. Check 10.0 Patch notes. Croc's are getting nerfed.
  5. What are your PC Specs? I think I'm crashing because of my older processor...
  6. As you can see from the screen shot: When attaching my crew to a sail that's near/over a Gun Port. They glitch to the side like this. Very annoying if you're ship is being attacked my wolfs or lions... Not to mention it just looks bad XD
  7. Just about every single time I'm sailing through the region borders (whether I am at the helm or not). I will get a fatal error crash. After which I have to start the game, try to reconnect to my server (which will trigger a loop that leaves me trying to load PrimalData_BP), Control-Alt-Delete and end the game from task manager. Then start the game, again, and reconnect, again, for a successful login. The whole time I'm going through this process my character does not go to sleep. So my ship continues on with no one at the helm... My Specs: Motherboard: MSI 990FXA Gaming Processor: AMD FX-9590 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ram: 16GB DDR3 1600Hrz Please inform, if you need more info.
  8. This is when I'm talking about. The funnest thing about this game for me and my friends is working together to sail around and explore the world. However we can not do that, as ghost ships prowl the seas worse then the east Indian trading company in the 1800...
  9. Many people on the both the Steam forums are calling for Ghost ships to be "Removed". I do not want this as Ghost ships make an interesting Endgame for PvE servers. However I would ask the dev's this.Right now Ghost Ships have a very predator Aggro setting much like Wolf's, Lion's, etc. If they see anything bigger then a Raft they bolt and kill you. Would it be so bad (Talking in terms of PvE servers) for the Ghost ships to have more of a passive Aggro? Where much like rhinos and other animals they leave you alone until you take aggressive action towards them. I.E. Shooting at them with a cannon.This would insure players who are starting out in Sloops or Schooners with no guns can sail, explore and mine resources unmolested and the higher leveled players can still have those Endgame Sea Battles.I would like to know the Players and the Dev's opinion on this idea and if it has merit.Thank you.
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