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  1. Yeah its an awesome ship And im sure the developers are on it to make it the pride if each Fleet again.
  2. Yeah but that wont work on official. Dmg is Not the Problem, its just covering a dumb schooner with Walls And backcannons is More effektive than a galleon with its normal build
  3. So Dont get me wrong, i love my galleon but it seems Useless for fighting atleast in PVE. I use only gunports And Cannons there cause i absolutly hate those ugly front And backloader, but its sad that the way a galleon is right now its not worth fighting with. A full covered schooner with 5 Cannons can kill any sotd And get no damage, a Brig the Same And is even faster. So playing the normal way with a galleon seems Not worth it. And the Turning Takes so Long that u rather tank some dmg And Risk loosing planks .
  4. So basicly some Ideas for Tasks a Landlord should fullfill, maybe like a Quest System. Beforehand i am Self an owner of some Land and renting it to a bunch of super nice ppl but i kind of miss some stuff to do for my citizens. So i would like to suggest a City System which allowes Landowners to improve their City and unlock special NPC´s and buildings and maybe even start of with only 5% Tax and u unlock another 5% taxrate after fullfilling some quests for your city. -Taverns = I Would like to be able to Build a Tavern where u can let other ppl Hire NPC crew for their Ships which u need to farm from SotD´s. Further than that let us get an NPC which can sell Food and remove the Spoiltime when an NPC got food to sell. - Animal Market = Many people are already selling animals and some even got an Animal Market,but for improvements i would like to have an NPC who sells them and give them some kind of ownership notification which lets ppl claim the animal they bought,so we can sell even if on adventures or offline. - Bank = Let us be able to upgrade the Bank as the city grows, make it have more durability or even let us build an own Bank and have an NPC there to do taxation etc. and let People store their Gold inside the Bank if they are citizens of the Company which owns the Bank ( the company wont have access to the Gold stored inside from other players) - Harbour = Let Landowners provide their own Harbours to let ppl park their Ships and make an Easy way to load and unload Cargo for their citizens and other Traders. Further more let us build a public Shipyard which can be rent by a certain amount of gold per day ( let the company decide how much, so ppl dont block a Shipyard forever, and let them set an amount of time when the Ship gets free for all after the owner did not pay the rent. - Safety = As in the Real world let the Landowners be in need to defend certain party of the City and provide safety for their citizens. Let the NPC crew be able to Guard specific Areas or Buildings and increase the Radius in which they can take Gold from Ressource boxes or the Bank to let them go further away. Further than that,let Landowners build ships which can be manned with NPC crew to guarantee save Trading Routes around the Island to kill SOTD´s or even Guard Certain Ships of trading partners for their travel home. For PVP there might need to be some changes that those only attack Whales and SotD´s as otherwise that would be quite OP. - Animals Breeding and Crops = Let a city have NPCs to gather poop and provide fertilizer to Crops when in inventory. Also let us share Crop plots for citizens so they can grow their own stuff. Let us have NPC´s for citys which atleast take care of Babys when they are too cold or to warm. Also most Landowners dont want ppl Build giant holding pens for their Animals,so let us provide a holding pen where ppl can Park and take their own creatures. And also let the Landowner be in need to guard the pens,as when an animal dies the owner needs to replace it or pay a amount of gold. - Rebellion = If citizens aren´t happy with some stuff their Landowner does they can start to Rebel, means not paying Taxes or vote with all citizens to drop the taxes to a specific amount, and normalize it when the landowner fulfills the needs of his citizens again. - City Level system- The city itself Levels through Taxation, farming inside it, trading beein done over NPC´s and the Quests a Landlord can do. Let them then have the Option to unlock certain NPc´s as some kind of skilltree and level into more NPC´s, as a city can only hold a certain amount of NPCs for selling etc. at a time. Let them level into Ships beeing able to be manned by NPC to guard the Grid and guard Traders. Let them be able to level into Taxationrate (starting of with 5% and gain 1% more per level ). Let them level in Trade stations,the more it is leveled the more Tradestations can trade in one trade and be able to have more trade stations. Guess there are plenty more Ideas to make it cool City system and for NPC jobs. Leave them in the comment and upvote if u like the Ideas. Also thanks alot for readin it @Jatheish @Dollie
  5. Fixed itself After few hours now.
  6. So i tamed a razortooth today And left it on the boat cause i Needed to go to work. Now its vanishing for a Second And appears again. Cant Ride it or unclaim it. Is there a way to fix it??
  7. Dont Want to loose too much Speed tho. But fighting Sotds is annoying because i can only tank it cause the ship Turns so slow
  8. Im using 4 speedsails And 2 handlingsails atm. I would like to have good Speed even against wind .
  9. Where do i unlock new hairstyles or are there no more atm?
  10. We will have some shortly radosc^^ greetings fairytail
  11. Yeah Tried too but Nothing good yet
  12. What is max Level for those Things btw? Killed a 68 One once And Wonder if u can get mythical bps too from sotds cause never saw One drop
  13. Add Gates for ships. Like the sloped Doors but for the side of ships to get tames inside your ships. Depending on the shiptype let galleons have Gates to fit elephants etc. Through for loosing a deck And brigs can fit Lions bears etc. And schooner Maybe Wolfes.
  14. I'd like to be able to get ship sceleton blueprints,which would cost more but would also add More Level ups. If u get a fine blueprint for a galleon for example, it could Level to 51, a journeyman to 61 And so on BUT it wont only cost more to Build the sceleton, you are also only able to add Fine planks gunports And sails to a fine ship sceleton And would also Need Fine stuff to replace when a plank gets destroyed.
  15. Wanna buy or Trade large speedsail BP masterwork or legendary And gunports journeyman or higher. Pm me with screen of what u have And your Location And Price. Could offer legendary large And Medium Cannons if interested
  16. So im trying to get some good blueprints for our ships. I kill sotds in D12 cause they spawn higher lvl there but even After killing a few 100 ships i Dont get Decent sails or gunports. Is there a better way to Farm them ? Tried Tundra Region too but no luck there Either.
  17. For 20€ its fine for me. Only playing PVE tho. But never found a Bug Which makes the Game unplayable. But Maybe im too relaxed about some Bugs since battlefield 3 took about 5 DLC to make the Game enjoyable. But Other than that i can build, tame Sail And do Sea Battels Without Any Problems. Have some NPC Crew guard tames And u wont lose them to glitching stuff And im happy. Just Need Way More decoration And Maybe the Option to replace planks with some sort of Gates to Transport tames in a proper way
  18. Never Lost a thing through a Bug Till now. Also think the devs are rly ambitious with all the patches but a bit More Communication with Players would be awesome. Im sure they know Most Common Bugs for sure, but just some sort of telling how Long it may take would still be nice
  19. Visit us D11 miltown enclave, we got some high Level Crows. Greetings fairytail
  20. That block Text was just a hidden Protest against Giant Gate Spamming ........ Totally , Maybe
  21. I have been playing from day 1 And also read Forum almost in Daily Basis And its so Fun to read. I mean honestly, instead of trying to survive ingame People spend countless of hours crying for Nerfs on Forum instead of playing the Game. Its early Access And still u cry for each Bug u find. I know this will piss off so many ppl, but there are also the ones like me. Let me Tell u a Story: it was a tiny pirate Group of 3 People with the Big Dream to conquer the ocean. We struggled for hours through laggs rollbacks And Server crashes to get a Raft build on Day 1. we sailed for 13 hours And finally found a Place to Stay. We claimed a few Parts of an Island And felt like Kings. After Building the First small base we logged off. As we logged back in, we were dead And our beds destroyed. A Lion glitched through a wall. We made a new Raft And sailed back to our Land. All we had was gone And only the Walls left. We Farmed again instead of crying. This time we Build beds on our Rafts. The next Day came And again all was destroyed by an Animal glitching in our base . This time we Build a Platform base And Nothing ever destroyed our stuff again. We started Building a shipyard And making a galleon as farmrates were still low. As we logged back in someone Stole our claim And shipyard And destroyed the galleon. We claimed the Land back at nicht And found out that Sleeping Charakters can Contest claims. So we die And Farmed a new galleon. We Travellerscheck around to get us some Jones And sugarcane to tame animals. On our way back we got sunk by the many sotds. Next Time we got Cannons And Crew And made it back. We tamed everything we could tame, just to get them all Killed by an alpha. So we got Crew And Cannons around our animals to defense them And it worked. I could continue this for ages. What i Want to say is, stop crying or insulting the devs only because u cant think of a way to survive And work around some Bugs. There are Bugs u cant work around i know. But just read the First 2 Sites of the Forum And i bet u will find stuff that happened to u too but u worked around it instead of crying or u just find stuff which is Super easy for u but others just Want to Flame cause they cant think of a way to make it work And Want to get everything shove up into their lauf Asses.
  22. As the Titel says, whats the max durability on large gunports for each Tier? Highest i found was 139% as legendary
  23. Hätten evtl. Noch Platz in D11 allerdings mit 18% steuern.
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