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  1. LFMPlayers


    Built the dock, saw the sloop frame, added the siding, the deck, and the 2 masts.. but the middle is missing to add in the wheel - any ideas as to what I am missing here?
  2. Level 8, raft and bed made, head out to sea to leave the starter zone.. however... met with a 900 sec timer wall in all directions.. interesting 45 mins wasted, but nevertheless point seems clear. Not only does this stop people from progression, it just adds frustration. I don't see a lot of 'fun' for ship battle pvp if this happens. Would be pretty stagnant at best. If you start in the blue zone and met a RESETTING 900 sec timer in all directions - stating you cannot enter a new zone due to player overage - its level 8 for life for a lot of people This will need a rethink quick - as it would soon become all zones are at max and no one can ever enter another zone to even 'PVP' or explore as we are all locked out.
  3. LFMPlayers

    Hype! Been waiting a game like this since 1999

    This game has Sea of thieves qualities, Eve online, and the upcoming Chronicles of Elyria idea with "mortal" characters that die and rebirth into a new family member - all in a pirate / fantasy setting.
  4. LFMPlayers


    Probably when the game has been completely fleshed out in 2 or more years time, they might look to other platforms to expand into - right now though? Its an early release title that is the flavor of the week - time will tell its success or not.
  5. LFMPlayers

    SA, ASIA, AUS Servers?

    Would make sense as the game progresses that community members create their own servers within their region to be accessed and played on - I think that is their goal in order to cut down overhead on their end and let the serious folk content create.
  6. LFMPlayers

    Country Restriction

    If it’s region locked she will probably have to use a VPN which isn’t optimal , but a workaround perhaps. Servers are based in Seattle I believe.
  7. LFMPlayers

    Welcome to the Community!

    Any follow up from the team on basic controls / HUD usage? That probably would be helpful for all jumping in
  8. LFMPlayers

    Anyone have the game?

  9. LFMPlayers

    I can't buy the game

    Spam F5 and let it refresh - steam cannot keep up atm with all the requests.