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  1. Darkblade army is using pin code hacks to quickly generate codes to break into structures: They have hacked countless players. As well as the Chinese who are duping resources on Live Stream. I don't want to post any harmful links but all you have to do is google it and you can find videos of the Chinese duping in Atlas, on live stream. You should set examples out of these groups, or else everyone else will attempt the same tactics since there are no consequences for cheating/hacking/exploiting.
  2. Hey how about the fact that they dupe on live stream? Just google it. Papega.
  3. They even admit they've been hacking. Like the Chinese live stream duping. Will Atlas do anything about Darkblade Army or the Chinese?
  4. Apparently Darkblade Army is using hacks to quickly generate pin codes at the door. Investigate and ban! SCUM! https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/acpi40/darkblade_brute_forcing_doors/
  5. The effects of ale, does it increase cannon damage if the user is under the influence of the ale perks? how much? thanks
  6. Hahaha no I am a Ugandan Navy Seal. You do not even know that you are such a pepega.
  7. They are all cheaters and scum. They were duping on live stream. You can google it. If only they had real jobs in their countries they wouldn't be trying to dupe and scam every game that ever comes out. Filthy.
  8. Why are you playing on a private server? Are you too weak to compete? They can take advantage of you all you want you are at their mercy.
  9. HMM HOPE THEY ARE FIXING THE CHINESE DUPING ON LIVE STREAM!!! DELETE THE CHINESE! You can google them duping on live stream yet will do NOTHING. ATLAS‏ @sailtheatlas 6m6 minutes ago More Pathfinders, We are currently holding the deployment whilst we investigate an issue with companies. Both PVP networks and NA PVE will be offline whilst we work through this. We'll keep you updated through the night. Thanks for your patience guys
  10. Eradicate the Chinese scum. Server block them. They are duping on live streams. They are all the same.
  11. Haven't you heard of Spotify? What a nerd.
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