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  1. learn to read you meatball head
  2. I personally like the direction the game is going and with the constant updates and communication the dev team is providing is bringing life back into the game. I also want to thank the dev team as a dev myself I know the stress and constant struggle so well done keep up the good work! this game in my opinion and the opinion of many others from my friends circle is a great game and will continue to grow and improve! long may the atlas strive for success and long may the atlas live.
  3. Hello, I have been attempting to contact anyone in regards to VOIP issues in Atlas at the moment my friend cannot be heard when using his push to talk button or hear others when they talk we have tried so many suggestions and still nothing. Please help.
  4. What is the current meta for points in a brig and is x3 speed sail the best? thanks guys <3
  5. Explosive barrels are just too overpowered at the moment sail a raft next to an island grab 3 barrels sink a brig
  6. Lets bump this until we get a Dev response
  7. Hello I was wondering if I could get some assistance with this I have been trying to join a server for quite some time now but sadly its constantly stuck on PrimalGameData_BP. I understand you guys are extremely busy but I really want to play with my buds
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