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  1. Bill Buffalo

    shipyards randomly destroyed

  2. Yep just lost mine that I spent 14 hours building, for the SECOND TIME. *BumP*
  3. After having built the Schooner TWICE, while in a dry dock with NO guns on it. Twice the Damned ghosts have come to wreck all my work, and once was after the patch. Ive literally defended this game since the launch. But I cant take this. The frustration is not able to be put into words. I busted my ASS off to build that thing twice. First time I shrugged it off "Oh well , growing pains for helping a team build a great game." But now im just straight up pissed. Zero compensation for all of us whomst lost all that hard work and grinding for mats. Zero insurance that even with a patch its fixed, which it isnt. What do I do know? Rebuild for a third time and lose it all again before it even gets into the water? Im at a complete loss now.