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[Attention]The Damned still Attacking Shipyards and Docked Ships.

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We were exploring today and watched a damned ship destroy a almost finished Brigantine and come close to destroying the sloop that was still in the shipyard beside the brigantine.  Here are screenshots of it. 

Server = NA PvE

Map Section - A-12 

Island - Cresney Cay20181228164802_1.thumb.jpg.79b2fcd16ca879881b6ec16191d72943.jpg20181228164802_2.thumb.jpg.d02a93bcf0100c0a2f6360eb477615c8.jpg20181228164815_1.thumb.jpg.8935bd84d2317bec112b668b5b5c31d5.jpg20181228164822_1.thumb.jpg.0609390d1e28a934e0cb1a932a909509.jpg20181228164823_1.thumb.jpg.66ae9ff9189725c13796639baaf68152.jpg

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