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  1. Guys keep bumping this tag up so they can see which servers to reset, would literally take them a few minutes to do so
  2. A raft of ours hit the border going from I3 to H3 - instantly no longer was able to log in anywhere after being kicked, first time I run into this shit. I tried all spawn options, rejoin, I reinstalled and then tried everything again and I still have no success logging in. Please contact me to fix this.
  3. My Company - Novigrad Pirates - suddenly glitched, dropped 40 of our players and then took admin rights and my GM title from myself and all my officers. We can no longer recruit or do anything meaning the members who were kicked can no longer use anything. We can't do crap to fix this without at least someone having rights. We're at a point where we're kind of overly annoyed with this and some of our people are quitting the game now. It's getting awful.
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