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  1. Yok

    Can't log back in

    I cant travelling with zones... i get desconnect and PrimalgameData_BP loading is my new Atlas GamePlay
  2. DevTeam check this stupid quest please! remake this cheat
  3. "The Fountain Of Youth" Need that countless NPC to defend something off, no bonuses? 7 people on the server and a defense for 150 players Where you aim to run desperately into a cave full of NPCs unable to fight to remove a debuff. Seriously what did you guys think when trying to create this Quest? If you want me to stop playing this game, let me know first!
  4. Yok


    if you in freeport you get bug and just wait a XXXmary finish...
  5. At least you're playing and you're not stuck in a bug without being able to log in.
  6. Reboot Server Please!!!!
  7. Algum brasileiro perdido nesse game? https://discord.gg/QtFRcv
  8. Anyone else with the same problem?
  9. I tried to recreate the character but the error continues, Every timer reconnect from the server all my skills are reset and I can not learn them again. I clicked on the "respects" button and was able to learn my skill tree again, but even that is not happening right now.
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