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    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

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    Adjusting mechanics on PvE.

    And they can hit you through walls :_:
  3. Shokkoth

    Adjusting mechanics on PvE.

    Oh, didnt actually know that. Thanks a lot!
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    Adjusting mechanics on PvE.

    Greetings. I would like to ask the dev team to consider looking into the following things, when it comes to the PvE servers: -Land claim. People just spam the flags all over the island AND the sea.... Its impossible to find an unclaimed spot. They dont even build anything, just place flags and leave. -Random trolls jumping onto your ship, trying to sink it, or just being annoying and you cant do anything about it. -Not being able to lock crafting stations/campfires -Somehow, our ship sank during the night, while we were offline, in the middle of the ocean -People can lure wild animals to attack you, while you are offline -It also would be really cool if you guys worked on the chat a bit. For example, added a few tabs such as ''local'' which would work within a certain radius and a ''clan'' tab. It would also be nice if you let us customize the chat, for example change its position, font, size, etc etc. I would be grateful if you guys did something about it! Thanks in advance