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  1. Once you lose enough to bugs you will change your mind. There are issues that have been there since day 1 causing massive losses. Tames, Breeding lines, Ships, etc etc. That doesn't account for the lot of cheaters that run rampant.
  2. So I've lost a fair bit of tames, but most of them were due to game issues rather than combat. For now, here's 3 ways to get your tames killed with nothing to prevent it other than circumstantial avoidance (which is ignorance of design flaw). - Having a tame on a ship in a freeport. With no collision damage, an enemy ship can sail right through you and pick up your tame sailing it off to god knows where. - Disappearance - Having your tame teleported to the bottom of the ocean, or an absurd height then dying as a result. - Boarding ships - If you have tame A following tame B, then board tame B, tame A will most likely drown.
  3. I've seen something similar, where I manually set tames to neutral, and then they don't defend themselves when attacked. They will sit there and die doing nothing. (By manual I mean going up to the tame, holding action, then selecting behavior and setting to neutral). I also had a bear just disappear so... Idk
  4. I had a bear that got stuck on my sloop while i was visiting freeport, I needed a little more wood to finish the project, figured I'd dismantle the sail later and finish up. Got the wood, came back and my tame was gone. The bear isn't dead, as it would show in my logs, but i've looked everywhere, retraced my steps, searched the water floor, nothing. It may have been picked up by another ship crashing in to me? If so that's an exploit waiting to happen? I miss my bear
  5. I found it, can be harvested by anything even fists... There's only 1 zone that has it though
  6. can get sap just by hitting it with a tool... I'm looking for honey specifically
  7. I know there's a node on g7, but hitting it with pick or axe results in sap not honey. Some have said wrong tool, but I don't believe there's a "right" tool.... so I'm curious. Has anyone actually obtained honey?
  8. After spending a fair bit of time prepping to tame a wolf and actually taming one (A level 2), I decided to take it out to do some leveling. Here are the issues : 1) No shared XP between wolf and rider, wolf got all of it. 2) Once levelled, put 2 points in HP which increased it for a total of 12 (Kinda small don't you think? If you got 20 levels that would total 120hp, which isn't even half the wolfs health). 3) The real kicker, Once my wolf got those 2 levels, it hit level capacity, and wouldn't level any more. 2.... levels... 4) While i was mulling this over, and killing things with my wolf, 2 alphas spawned in the same area while the wolf was out of stamina, and one killed the wolf. Sad but let's be honest, he wasn't the greatest... But when I went to grab the saddle, there was no corpse, or loot bag. The wolf and everything it had on it had vanished upon death..
  9. I start taming an animal, lo and behold a patch comes and messes up the tame. Alright, patch is done i start again, oh wait they didn't do it right. Repeat this several times and the 5+ hours i spent gathering resources and logistics gets wasted. Fine, repeat the damn process, only to have the same situation happen... AGAIN. This is not acceptable. When you have a patch, it shouldn't take a dozen restarts. Take the server down for an hour if you have to, but for the sake of anything that isn't troll, stop hitting the damn pause button every 10 minutes, because it can and does ruin hours of hard work EVERY TIME.
  10. Just from what I've seen so far, which is 2 blocks north of free port, all islands along the line do not have any fiber. Ships that get out there can't build anything because of this.
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