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  1. I've played this game for a total of roughly 40 hours from day 1 and have experienced a lot, even though it's probably only 10% of what is available from this massive game. However after all this time me and my 2 friends have to call it quits after we simply can not progress anymore, and don't really feel like being slapped down once more. Seeing as I actually quite enjoy the base game and can see that there is great potential, I figured I would leave with this post and come back when (hopefully) the game has matured and the issues we have experienced are fixed. Critical Stop Red Server Wall doing damage to ships When a server wall turns red it becomes a solid wall and will do damage to any and all ships, this would be bad enough on its own but that's not it. If you manage to get half way through it while it's blue and open and then it turns red, it'll stop and grab onto your ship. Doing something like 300,000 damage a second across the entire wall essentially cutting the ship in half. Once you eventually get through to the other server you'll sink immediately like a ship with no hull does. So this needs to be fixed, I'm not entirely sure how one would fix this however I think something like instead of making it a solid wall just make it teleport you back 25m or so and turn your ship 90 to 180 degrees one way or the other. Perhaps also automatically raise all sails to stop the ships from being caught in a teleporting loop. Reduce Ship of the Damned spawn rate and make neutral to smaller ships (Raft, Sloop) This here is the final drop for us, after our 3rd Sloop has been sunk by Ships of the Damned, and the reason why we're now taking a break from this game. I feel like there is no way for a smaller ship to traverse the map without having to turn, dip, dodge, and weave your way through 30 Ships of the Damned just to get to the next server over, where you'll immediately be sunk by the 3 Ship of the Damned awaiting you on the other side. For the most part a simple fix here, just reduce the spawn rate even further, maybe even removing them completely from certain grids and boost their loot considerably. Making them something you'll either hunt down or happen upon and have to run from sometimes, a grand event you could say, and not something that will constantly grief you. Making it neutral to Rafts and Sloops unless fired upon might be good as well which allows explorers to explore without being threatened too much. I think one also needs to make sure when you teleport through to a new server, the server needs to make sure there are no Ship of the Damned right on the other side to ruin your day. Reduce territory claim amount per player I'm obviously not the only one who feels this way, but seeing as the game has been out (or at least playable) for less than a week, and most islands you get to is already covered with claim flags is to me a big issue. Me and my group was a little late out of the starting areas and when we came upon the islands which one could stake a claim we wasn't able to find anywhere to claim because everything was taken already. For newer players this is of course bad. There are many ways around this and many great suggestions on the forums already to choose from. What I thought up was first of all making claim flags require some resources to build, but also making them only 1 per player with a max cap of say 5, and to get more you'd have to buy more with Gold, this would give more use to Gold and also hopefully reduce the amount of random flags dotted all around. Might also need a different solution for big companies, not sure about that though. Moderate Reduce amount of food to become full Currently takes too much food to become full, I found myself having to eat 3 stakes, 3 fish, and 30 berries. That's far too many, I never got to try out cooking fully because the ingredients weren't available, so maybe actually cooking a meal would be better. I personally feel reducing this a small amount would be beneficial, not making it too easy but also making it a slightly less harsh. Remake vitamin system Although I think the vitamin system is a nice touch, I feel it's currently a tad bit too harsh if you don't keep it up. I would prefer if it only gave buffs and debuffs. Instead of taking damage when its too low and too high, and only getting a buff if you keep them in check. I would like it more if it was only to get buffs and debuffs, for example you'll get a buff for each vitamin if kept in place. A gives movement speed buff, B gives damage buff, C gives stamina buff, D gives fortitude buff, while having them all also gives XP buff. While instead of having you take damage over time from them, make them give debuffs to the same types. This'll make it good to keep it up, but not debilitating if you don't keep them all up all the time. Reduce animal spawn rate Currently I think there are far too many animals on these islands, just feels very crowded most of the time. I also think it might be more interesting if neutral animals would be more abundant during the day, and it'll switch to predators being more abundant during the night. Minor Cooking and eating food should reset spoil time Right now when you have normal food in your inventory it'll of course spoil but when you put it in a campfire to cook it, when it cooks it won't consume the spoiling meat and leave it to spoil instead so you're left with a lot of rotten meat. Same goes for berries or already cooked meat, once it's in your inventory and you eat it, you won't eat the spoiling item but a 'fresh' one and leave the spoiling one to rot. This kinda irks me, and would prefer if the food would refresh as you eat the oldest one. Open up skill trees for viewing Right now it's really hard to understand where things are located in the skill tree and plan what you want to become and do, I would prefer if it was open enough so that you can see what each skill tree contain at least. I wouldn't mind if you still have to unlock the skills within from a different skill tree, just as long as you can see and read what is there. Could also make the 'unlock to here' thing carry over skill trees. Make debuffs and buffs more clear Pretty self explanatory, would be nice with more clear and descriptive debuff and buff texts when holding H. Specifically the vitamin debuffs doesn't actually say what it does.' This became a lot bigger than what I was anticipating.. hehe Would also just like to thank the devs for fast updates even through the holidays, greatly appreciated and I'm excited for the future of this game! Will definitely stick around to keep an eye on this, and I would definitely like to hear if anyone disagrees.
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    Ship of the Damned Overpowered- Story

    We had the same happen to us on our 3rd Sloop. 2nd Sloop to be destroyed by ships of the damned in 2 days. Previous one was in the shipyard but thankfully that is fixed. Went through a server wall after navigating between what must have been at least 10 ships of the damned, thought we were safe as we got through. I even joked that we'd run into 5 ships of the damned as soon as we're through, I didn't really get to finish that sentence before 4 ships of the damned surrounding us were all firing and sunk our Sloop before we managed to turn around and get back through the server wall. So yet again we were sunk for reasons beyond our control, which is not a good reason.
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    Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

    You do realize the people who work on vanity items are not the same people who work on servers, right? Should all the artists just sit around doing absolutely nothing while they fix your specific issue? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. They're a team who all work in parallel, so just because one thing is being done someplace in the studio, doesn't mean no one else is working on other things.
  4. Had this happen to me as well, granted it was a Sloop, however the Schooner next to me was also destroyed (they were unfortunately offline.) Ships of the Damned really shouldn't target ships while in dock, it's just a nuisance for newer players.
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    Resources not spawning in.

    Oh yes, let's undo these critical server stability and crash fixes, that sounds like a great idea /s. I'm absolutely certain they are working on the issues and when it's ready they will release it. Considering they've released 11 updates in 5 days, that is 5 days of holiday mind you, I think we should be rather thankful. Yes it's an annoying bug, but we can be at least a little bit appreciative.
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    Ship build problem

    You still have the materials to create it though, right? I believe this is just a server roll back due to a crash or something. My server has been crashing several times the past half hour, keeps rolling back a fair bit. Trying to build my Sloop just like you but it rolls back everything.
  7. I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or not, but I feel this is completely unacceptable to have happen so I'm putting it in here. Today me and my 2 man company finally managed to build our first Sloop after many tries, dying and losing everything we own 3 times over and having to restart before we managed to get this grand Sloop. We set sail and head for the free port to log out safely after 2 days of work, on our way over we notice there's a red wall so we wait a bit nearby considering we didn't know what happened at this intimidating looking wall. Eventually it turns blue and we turn full speed to travel over to the server, however once we get just about half way through it turns red. This stops our Sloop immediately, it starts spazzing out as you'd expect and this causes major damage destroying everything on the ship it touches, so every panel, floor, and item in the middle of the ship is destroyed. Eventually we travel over to the freeport server as we got through, and the Sloop of course sinks as half the ship is missing. Fair enough this was a simple Sloop and it's not too difficult to build a new one, so we're not too worried, despite the initial annoyance. However this will happen to all ships, as I heard it happen to a Raft as well. So, how long will it take for a massive Galleon to be sunk for absolutely no reason beyond being crushed by a red server wall I wonder? This is absolutely unacceptable and I can only imagine the rage from having your magnificent Galleon sunk in that way. The red server wall should not destroy ships, it shouldn't do any damage at all. It could for example just make any ship that touches it spin around say 90 to 180 degrees so that it will not pass through. Or do it like Sea of Thieves handles the edge of the map, you'll be warned to turn back and eventually your ship will start to take damage over time if you do not heed the warnings. This would have to be a long warning considering one might be a bit unlucky with the wind and such. Understandably server and crash fixes are priority right now, as it should be, but this needs to be fixed ASAP. Hopefully before any magnificent big ships taking several hundred man hours to complete gets sunk.