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  1. I'm sorry but this made me die laughing! We've lost 4 ships so far so we feel your pain.
  2. Joe

    Claim Flag Bug

    I have noticed an issue with a few of another company's claim flags on the island I'm on. We are on O5 NA PvE (northern island) and there are some company flags that we are unable to contest. The reasoning states that the other companys flag upkeep will stop in 'X' amount of seconds, but the seconds are negatively climbing. (i.e. -1000, -1001, -1002, ...) I am unable to contest these parts of the island, and the seconds on the enemy flags have continued to climb for a few days now. If anyone has any suggestions to resolve this, it would be much appreciated! Thanks
  3. Joe

    Ghost Ship in Lawless area

    The same thing just happened to my company's port. Two Schooners and a Sloop destroyed. After days of work to make it. Absolutely ridiculous.
  4. My character was on a raft in G7. Since the server is down, I can't log into any other servers. Any ideas for a fix to this?
  5. Joe

    How do you fish in Atlas?

    The just updated a wiki page at the top of the website. Search there and you might find it out. I want to say sugar cane but I'm not 100% sure, haven't been able to try it yet.
  6. Joe

    more servers are needed asap

    Agreed. I've been trying to get in for hours, still haven't been able to play.
  7. Joe

    Grab a drink and chat

    Might just do the same thing myself. I'm just hoping that it goes live in the next few hours so I can play a bit before bed.
  8. Joe


    I read somewhere that they are starting with two NA and two EU servers. I'm sure they will release OCE servers at some point, I'm just not sure when. If I find the post that I read about the servers, I'll edit it in here.
  9. Joe


    I think you might be jumping to conclusions a bit too quickly. Obviously this isn't how I hoped the release would be like, but having some patience isn't a bad thing.
  10. Joe

    Playing Solo or with a group ?

    I'm going to start with a group of people I found through the ATLAS discord. They all seem like a nice bunch of folks, so it should be a good time!
  11. I think I'd say the same. I feel like taming something to ease travel time and/or increase inventory space would be very beneficial early in the game.
  12. Joe

    PvE vs. PvP - Game Systems Potential

    I think it is important to have some degree of scarcity tied to geography in order for an economy to flourish, in both PvE and PvP. I think it is even more so important to have that in a PvE style server. I'll be interested to see what other factors will impact it.
  13. Joe

    PvE vs. PvP - Game Systems Potential

    I'm hoping so as well. I'm not a huge fan of PvP in survival games such as this, so I am hoping that there will be ways implemented for a PvE server economy to thrive.
  14. As far as I can tell, no one is currently playing the game. They are having server side issues which they updated us about an hour or so ago. They just mentioned that they are working on resolving the issues. Their official twitter account is @sailtheatlas if you want access to new updates from the team.
  15. Joe

    PvE vs. PvP - Game Systems Potential

    I believe it depends on the necessity for specific items and the difficulty to obtain them. Obviously in a PvP server, you have the added risk of dying to players, so the marketplace/trading system will probably be more useful, therefore being stronger in comparison. However, if specific items are difficult to obtain, then PvE could also have a strong economy/marketplace/trading system. I think we will really just have to wait and see how it ends up playing out in the coming weeks.