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  1. trying to take my number 1 spot i see >_>
  2. so how much space like land and sea wise do you have renting that server? Can i ask what package you rented from them? and if you get a map editor?
  3. i get what you mean then. ill leave it at that im not on here to argue with people about the game everyone has a right to there opinion. I hope if you are planning to stick with the game you get what you want out of it. back and forward banter wont get us anywhere at this point. I hope you have a good christmas and the launch didnt cause you that much stress Im not here to make enemies over an early access game i just want people to play with!
  4. But you had the chance to see all the other people trying to ride there bike with no wheels and you still thought hey that might work? why would you not research a game before you buy it if you know nothing about it other than a trailer. why would see you an early access title and think oh ive seen the trailer lets not wait to see if there are any videos on it or any gameplay? im not disagreeing with peoples issues i understand your frustration and im not trying to disregard problems. But i played the ark alpha and i got d&L on day one and apart from server issues i cant see anything we haven't seen before with a Wildcard Alpha release Also in terms of you not seeing hype. This game has blown up on twitch like 4 times this week after there delays it did draw alot of attention. Although i do understand where your coming from with that i myself only stumbled across the project by accident while on the arks forums
  5. end of the day if you dont plan on sticking this game out and seeing where it goes then why not just leave get your refunds and move onto the next early access title cos i bet when you look at the steam list you have a few and when they never live up to the hype they gather dust. just seems like a waste of energy. go enjoy your christmas instead If your sitting there speed typing your 200 page report on m and my white knighting save it. just close your browser and go play some ark Merry christmas
  6. i love how you can have an opinion that is justfied but the moment someone says something against what you have to say were defending or white knighting. there are plenty of other early access survival games you can go bitch about if you want too. bottom line is you rushed into buying a hyped up game and now your mad it didnt live up to the hype. Other than the server issues every problem youve had with *safe zones* or dying were present in dark and light and are still present in ark even after full release.
  7. Lol ark was no longer in early access when it was released on console it came out of early access on August 29th same week of the ps4 release Also steam litrally tells you dont buy an early access title unless you want to play it in its current state Theres a whole section on steam about early access development and nit rushing to buy from early access developers
  8. I'm going to have a scaled down map for sure, no way i can afford to pay for the whole thing. Ill probs have a 150 slot world or something like that and run 4 - 8 islands. Theres a map editor to work on overall area of servers coming out or something
  9. Wanting feedback on OC aussie/NZ players who are keen to put together a server with me. Once were able too get things going i wanna see how many in our community are OC and who will be keen to play this will determine how many slots ill get and how long i can keep it running for. i have a few servers running in ARK and Gmod and am looking to add atlas to the listing if there is a community for it. The only reason i ask is that my servers are crowdfunding based on there player base, and hsoting this game does not seem like its going to be cheap xD
  10. i think maybe you need to go read how steam define early access and what it means to buy an early access game.
  11. only 2 companies have access to 3rd party servers at the moment too. Survival servers and there partnered host
  12. Like i said i was going off what a dev said in the discord on launch day What was your first hint
  13. *content* Video was worse than the launch
  14. If thats true then we were lied to by devs on the discord. they said they were hosting themselves. Nitrado are decent server hosts so i'd assume the server capacity is whats causing stability at this point. There unofficial servers seems to be running smooth
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