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  1. After the latest patch I and 2 of my tames are blinking in and out. This is visible to my other tribe mates as well. I was able to fix this for myself by just reloging, not sure what to do for tames.
  2. reesespntbtr

    Devs. you doing something wrong

    Man I was just lurking, and don't really have a strong enough opinion to weigh in on this argument, but dayum. Dude you are not doing Atlas any favors comparing it to No Man's Sky as a meter for success. Come on man, you could have picked any other game, why pick one of the PC games in recent history that had the most negative feedback and drama post release. You might as well have picked SW Battlefront 2. I'm sure even the Atlas devs don't want you defending their game with that comparison.
  3. reesespntbtr

    Unable to query server info for invite

    Getting this network issue today! EWW help!!
  4. reesespntbtr

    double harvest times

    Ill take it!!
  5. reesespntbtr

    double harvest times

    WHAT?!! Did the dev's read my post and follow through!! Thanks guys! I will enjoy the next 24 hours!!
  6. reesespntbtr

    double harvest times

    So, I love that they offer double harvest times, but do they always have to fall on the weekend?! I ONLY work weekends which means I usually only play Tues-Thursday and I miss out on EVERY SINGLE double harvest times. I'd love to see some scheduled during the week for those in the same position as me!
  7. reesespntbtr

    GAME BREAKING Defensive Targeting Bug

    Currently if you set any defensive structure with an NPC on it to target anything specific they will target wild creatures as well. This makes it very hard to offline defend as your NPCs will waste all of your ammo on undesired targets (e.g. shooting fish in the water when set to defend your ship from players). Note: Please before anyone says "use c on the captain's wheel", please understand that pressing c sets the selected group to stand down, in which case they won't shoot anything, to include what you want them to (I've gotten this response a few times when talking to other players about the bug). I've tried all the targeting settings, all of the NPC settings, and confirmed this bug with many other players as well. This is very easily reproducible to verify, just place any defensive structure and set it to target something specific and watch as it also targets wild creatures. Please address this ASAP, it is hugely impactful to anyone's ability to defend themselves when offline, and is a very obvious bug.
  8. Standing at the wheel and pressing "C" puts them on stand down, which means they won't shoot anything, even what you have them set to fire on.
  9. For instance having NPCs on ballistas on a ship set to survivor/tame only but they are constantly shooting wild fish. I've tried changing all of the settings on the NPC operating the defensive structures as well as the defensive structures setting itself. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  10. For instance having NPCs on ballistas on a ship set to survivor/tame only they are constantly shooting wild fish. Has anyone found a resolve to this?
  11. reesespntbtr

    new patch broken

    go get my body from the ocean.. b/c now im dead.. b/c i cant log in! these devs are lame....
  12. reesespntbtr

    new patch broken...

    Game was working with the new patch... then they did another patch to "fix" it and now my game wont load!!!
  13. reesespntbtr

    new patch broken

    Game was working with the new patch... then they did another patch to "fix" it and now my game wont load!!!
  14. Due to the inability to control access to their admin accounts Grapeshot has decided to balance the game around the idea that everyone playing has admin controls.