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  1. megdiadotexe

    Unlimited Claim Bullshit!!!

    A lot of people are feeling the same way. hopefully the devs will see and act.... i wouldn't hold your breath though
  2. megdiadotexe

    Cue the wailing and moaning and knashing of teeth....

    You should tell bethesda that xD
  3. megdiadotexe

    PvE - Some ideas

    get rid of the vitamin system. its too much
  4. with no land this game is bland someone please give me a hand if you could do this that would be grand
  5. megdiadotexe

    So, what now?

    there are so many broken or warped features to this game
  6. megdiadotexe

    whats with the claims

    same here withe crocs xD
  7. megdiadotexe

    whats with the claims

    I have been on my raft since this game was released and i cant find a single spot to place my flag. everywhere i look there is a damned claim followed by another and another and another. no buildings, just flags
  8. megdiadotexe

    Has anyone figured out where to get salt?

    i found an abundance of salt on the desert islands im currently on