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  1. just had one of our guys hit 52. So he has 50 points in exploration so it looks like you get 1 lvl per 50.
  2. We have a buoy blocking resources My corp placed it and still owns the sign part but the bottom is owned by another corp and its destroyable but neither of us can destroy it. Can we please get a admin to destroy it? Our island has been barred for 5 days or so.
  3. It would be really nice to have a windsock or something like it you could place on your ship or base to see the wind direction.
  4. seen on twitter any claim placed before patch 6.5 needs to be replaced for it to work. Not sure if it does going to test it tomorrow. We have had the same problem.
  5. for the love of god yes.... not sure why this didnt carry over from ark.
  6. Our Island is still barren. Starting to look like Fallout in more ways than just the barren landscape.
  7. Its PVE I understand what you are saying they should have limited the amount of claims you can place but losing a base or a ship on PVE to another player is unacceptable. It might as well be PVP. Really they need to have a system in place to handle this really I think 1-3 claims per person would work fine. The larger the group of course the larger the area. It would cut down on the amount claimed. But once you do it should be on a refresh timer nothing else.
  8. even if you are sleeping you contest. So if you log out in your base it should be fine unless you die.
  9. yeah they take damage over time unless they are anchored.
  10. @Jatheish We had a claim stolen last night after the patch as well.
  11. I think the Land claim beacons are acting like foundations our island on B11 is empty just a few stones.
  12. So just had a claim stolen after the patch dont think its working.
  13. Right I agree. It should not be in PVE it should be a decay timer. I dont even care if they make them a manual refresh to combat large area spamming.
  14. yes but whats the point of pve they can just loot you clean and move on. Since it is pve you cant even fight back.
  15. Just tested on PVE you can steal a territory and there is nothing you can do about it. So anybody can claim your base and the only thing you can do is wait them out. Please tell me its not supposed to be that way,
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