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  1. The 'imprint needed (blue pacifier)' icon still shows after that tame has full imprint at 100%. It makes it difficult to tell without going into inventories or getting close enough to read the text, which tames have 100% imprint, and which still require it. This is particularly confusing/time consuming when you have bred quite a few tames at once and need to sort through them to see which ones actually need imprint. It also often results in LOTS of DMs from company members telling you the tames need imprint. Can the imprint needed icon please change colour if the tame is at 100% imprint, or disappear altogether?
  2. I have currently been babysitting my tier 3 babies (giraffes and elephants) for 4 hours straight, turning grills on and off to regulate their temperature. I can't leave them for longer than about 20 minutes at a time, and they still have a couple of hours to go before they are juvenile. I am breeding them in an area where they can be tamed, and is a correct breeding biome for them. They already hold plenty of food, so I should be able to leave them for longer periods of time. To minimise this boring, grindy time I would suggest a song that makes players and tames resistant to temperature fluctuation. Like with the current accordion songs, there could be different levels of song, and the more people you have joining the band the better. I would much rather be sailing! There have already been so many improvements made to breeding, I thought I'd throw this idea in the mix.
  3. DId you get your NPC back? We just had this happen to us, exactly like you described floating above and in front of boat, but moving in sync with it.
  4. Used the radial menu to put a bear on a ship, however, the bear teleported on top of an NPC that was operating the sails and got stuck. We tried using the radial menu to move the bear to a different ship, but nothing worked. Eventually had to move the ship, and the NPC floated off into the air and disappeared. The bear is still stuck.
  5. Goods put into a preserving bag show the correct decay timer e.g. 5:31:42 and it ticks fine when the preserver is being accessed, however, when the preserver is not being accessed the decay timer ticks very fast. For example, the decay timer will show 3:44:02, close it, open it 2 minutes later and the timer will show 3:09:16 I noticed this with earthworms, as they were decaying quite fast making it difficult to accumulate enough to tame a crow.
  6. I am getting the same error, I've tried verifying my files, even reinstalling the game but nothing works. Has anyone found a fix?
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