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  1. What a friggin joke this is. Seriously this game is headed towards the dark and light....abandoned Not worth the time following these clowns anymore or modding there trash if they are going to continually do nothing,
  2. Garbage Patch considering the time you all have been gone on vacation... Sad
  3. Still going strong, we have been making are own Mods to build up the community drop on by and check it out
  4. Community is still going strong and growing. Drop in and check us out
  5. 2 New MODs added: Death Recovery Mod Evaporative Cooler Few More join everyday and many are finding Consortium Gaming to be there atlas Home. Come Check us out, A lot of Server wide cooperation with end game content happening in a Non-Toxic Environment.
  6. Krakens as a server event happening alot with success. Come check it out few more new joins each day
  7. Had a Great weekend event with ship battles and a ton of gold was on the line. Also the server did the Kraken fight and was victorious. Come join this incredible 9x9 Server and join the fun
  8. Join in the events this weekend. Server is going strong. Everyday a few more people have been joining. Check out consortium Gaming
  9. Happy 4th of July Weekend. Stop on by and try out consortium gaming
  10. Total Structures Mod will be added to the server effective 7.2.19.
  11. Join us this weekend, a lot of new players have recently joined. The community is growing everyday. Check us out
  12. Snapping shipyards removed. Total Ships Shipyards has snaps. was no reason to carry another mod. Come on by and give it a try. Alot of islands on this HUGE 9x9. Fast Custom sails to get you thru grids quickly. Great bunch of players. Non Toxic enviroment.
  13. A lot of new players, server is growing quickly. Plenty of islands to claim. Very fast Sails so you can get around this huge 9x9 map
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