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  1. Segregation by language... Why not writing in good ol' english which everyone will understand?
  2. Same problem... everything was fine the last few days, but this morning most of my tamed pets got stuck in my double flooring of the enclosure built above water. Was forced to partly destroy the building to dislodge my pets. Devs, this REALLY needs to be solved asap! How I am supposed to put my pets out of harms way - any suggestions???
  3. Would have been nice if it were written in english... there aren't that many players who understand german, english however - 99%
  4. Lost two crew npcs today, one after the other. Did not use the transfer to ship function. However, both starting bobbing up in the sky after dismissing them from manning the sails. My bear started to rise up in the sky while on a sailing trip (no commands were issued) , but I managed to get it back with the whistle command. Please, fix this bug ASAP! Right now hiring new crew is futile... and I'm cancelling all sailing trips for now - not in the mood to lose some precious pet!
  5. I got stuck in a hole too - how to get out of that situation? I there a /relocate or /suicide command?
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