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  1. time for a come back? Heres a video i took from above. good times.! !!! heres a view from above
  2. THIS GAME IS A PIRATE GAME and personally i think they ruined the pirate feel to it when they defaulted every thing to locked. so now i cant steal from you, and now you want to come into my claim flag. that i sailed through days of rubber banding lag on launch to get ? that i i fought the vultures of doom for hours and the crocodiles who swam faster than michael phelps him self. you want to come clear cut my island ?well you sure can. and i cant stop you from mining 2 of the 4 metal nodes on my island. the other two some ass hat built a bed next to and they no longer spawn . s im at least getting 30% of those nodes.. you want to come do a treasure map you can and i cant stop you.. can i stop the army of the damned from spawning right in my barn and killing my cows and sheep.. can i stop it ? nope. but im getting 30% of those coins because you showed up and killed my tames that i spent hours farming the mats to build the taming hut. feeding. make the bucket to milk it and now i have to get on my boat . go sail 2 zones away to get another cow. hope it doesnt fall off the boat while bringing it back. or my boat gets sunk by a ship of the damned or a tornado. and in return for all that time i just burned, the ship i just lost . and the new barn i have to build because having a barn on the ground floor is foolish. because of you showing up. i could lose a cow , which could cost me a boat. and force me to rebuild my base because of the undead. and what do i get a few gold coins and some mats .?? WOOOHOOO the 30% doesnt even cover a tenth of what visitors can do in just a few seconds. that being said you dont like it move to the tundras where theres ZILLIONS of land claims available down there. oh you dont want to live in the tundra? than search each island dropping claim flags looking for an uncontested one. they exist. i find a few every day and i lose a few everyday . i just wish i could steal the mats you left on your smithy after i climbing picked through your window that you forgot to put a shudder on. so deal with the tax , or let me rob your smithy again.. and yah know what. once you get your own bank and your own spot and learn where the nodes spawn . youll love every bit of the tax you rake in yourself. this is PVE thats PIRATES vs ENVIROMENT. and your'e part of the and i know i said YOU alot. but im not blaming you personally. im using the word YOU as someone tresspassing on my land. i hope you enjoy the game and come visit me any time.
  3. no, im just letting people know how they are still sinking boats.. even after a patch that was suppose to fix an issue and make you think your boat is safe when its not. the fix would be. "anchored boats (on pve ) dont take weight damage. " not a patch that causes me to get stuck every time i jump on someone elses raft on the beach.
  4. ships still get sunk. if they are on your ladders they dont get stuck. they can glider onto your crows nest ladders / use your emergeny ladders and add weight
  5. This game is rated mature. STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK YOUR BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT YOU. STFU and quit being a little kid. its a game . if you dont like it. dont play.
  6. Id love to get the sails figured out !!! ive tried but no dice for some reason
  7. give asia their own servers.
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