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  1. IDUnknown

    Ship Waypoints - Grid Editor

    How do we insert ship waypoints? I can move, and rotate, and delete a waypoint. But how do we insert one, so there are more than three?
  2. IDUnknown

    guide Grid Editor XLS Freeport and Powerstones locations

    Firedragon ... Thanks ... I will update this later tonight for Zone 7,7
  3. For all the map creators/designers. This spreadsheet identifies Freeport, and Powerstone Locations and the type of template they are using. (Tropical, Equitorial, Tundra etc.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IchDv2boXfQqP1JAKOBye1e6xHwgzEotqSm9aLvZ_zQ/edit?usp=sharing War And Peace, UnknownSoldier
  4. IDUnknown

    Server Wipes

    I also think they shot for the moon in player counts. Another solution would be to limit the servers to 250 players, per region. Then open 2-3 , more servers per region and give asia their own servers.
  5. IDUnknown

    Server Wipes

    How about we server wipe, and start everything off new. There have been enough patches to warrant it, a skill point cost increase for some skill people selected. Not to mention 99% of the world is claimed ... I say 2 flags max per char. Maybe 10 per company regardless of how many people are in your company. This would go a long way to freeing up real estate, and force alliances with other companies to own multiple islands. Then you have choices. Forego the old island in favor for the new. Or try to barter an alliance with another company in order to hold the new area. Also in PVE allow companies to delcare war on each other.
  6. IDUnknown

    Game Balance - Few Suggestions

    Excellent post. I agree with everything stated here. I would also like to add possible 4x hitpoint offline protection for structures, and people. No fun to log back in and having gotten raped without being there to enjoy the loving kisses. War and Peace, IDUnknown