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  1. There is a very big... lack of fish... Seeing as that is part of the vitamion thing you need... then ... PLEASE...put fish in the water so we can get FISH... PLEASE WE NEED FISH
  2. Now it is worse...I am dead as soon as I log on... then I log on again...dead...log on again...dead. What is going on???
  3. Can you raise the rates & lower how quick it is to die please... I die every few seconds because its cold, & there isnt much food around... Its getting a bit old when I am constantly dead because I am cold, or because I am hitting a tree to get wood... this isnt realistic. So please raise the rates, & lower how easy it is to die Please
  4. Hexx


    I love this game BUT I cant seem to play, either because the server pushes me out for whatever reason, or because I cant seem to collect any of the resources like wood or stone... I punch the trees & nothing comes out of them... or very little... no wood I die after so many times punching trees Then I cant get back in game because the server is full or some timeout message... The last I played... I couldnt even collect anything like fruit from the bushes... I push the "collect/use' button, & my girl just stands there collecting nothing.... Help... I wanna play this game so bad... PLEASE
  5. s finally able to get in after they doubled the ammount of servers... Thankyou to the developers... MUCH appreciated...
  6. They need to fix this ASAP I am 1st mate in my group of pirates...So I need to be there to help things run smoothly for our team...But I cant even get on...
  7. I keep getting this even though there are only 63 out of 150 people in the game here.... Why am I getting the host pending connection timeout? WHY? Please help Im in Australia, is this the issue?
  8. I am unable to purchase the game in Steam... I go to payment method & steam wont let me do it... I am using PayPal HELP
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