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  1. they need to sort out the graphics as well big time. the graphics have gone way down hill since i last played atlas two years back.
  2. yeah they really really need to sort out the graphics for the xbox series s/x because right now it looks horrible af
  3. yes hello scallywag. i have a question hopefully i get a reply. ok so two or so more years ago i took a break from atlas on the xbox platform due a hectic work rota. and i recently a few days back returned to it on my xbox series s console and straight away i noticed a troubling thing. i noticed that the graphics seemed really bad as in the plant textures and rock textures just in general the textures seem blurry and not good. so i did some research on the web. and found that you guys at grapeshot are trying to update/change to unreal engine 5. and that when it is done appearantly the graphics will be updated. what i would like to know as i am sure many of your other players in the atlas playerbase would also like to know. is when will this update be done because no offence when l last played it two years back the graphics were beautiful and looked beautiful. now they look horrid and it really really needs some sort of update patch or something to restore the graphical look back to how it looked two or so more years back with the textures for rocks. plants .. for everything to be honest as its almost unplayable.
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