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  1. Well I'll answer my own question now that I've modularized and scaled my automation build. In rather short time (30 minutes?) I can get one full warehouse farm up (1 of each farm type). Each module will farm a brig per day or about 1 galleon every 6 days.
  2. They took out the diving helmet view port too. They should never have done that. Make the ocean a dark and fearsome place.
  3. I've searched an entire island, especially the beaches, for any other warehouses. I can't find any. I also mapped out the distance and the attempted placements are all outside of the 600m radius for other warehouses. Is it possible there's a max limit of mines/farms etc that prevents the placement of another warehouse? For instance an area might have maximum of 5 types of similar building and an area = what exactly? Is it that an area is a "grid" and can have too many such buildings in existence or what? Thanks!
  4. I just can't find info on if an anchored ship will repair when offline attacked as long as the NPCs are alive and idle etc. Thanks
  5. What's to prevent using alliances to get around this? I think small companies just need better education on tricks to grind. See my best farming methods in general chat. If you want to compete then you need to work smarter and more strategically than a Mega. It's still small tribe competitive advantage. Megas are bound to routine, small tribes are very flexible. It's pirate versus empire. Be the pirate you were meant to be!
  6. When I was on Ark I came up with some very creative ways to grind (or avoid grinding rather) that could actually outperform a quetzal, using bedwarps and strategically placed parachute camps on mountain tops and beaver dams lol. It didn't take me long to find a system in Atlas that works for me. It seems to be a massive boost to economy. I do know about the warehouse but it doesn't collect everything fast enough anyway. Instead I built a "storage chest railroad" from my mines to a tiny ship yard where I have a ceiling on a pillar and some ramps leading high enough to access a Tramp inventory which has to be from higher not below. Each chest when you stand in the middle of 2 of them is just in reach of inventory. In under 30minutes I can move ALL the contents of a mine, quarry and timber. This does not matter how much weight it is. As long as you don't fill a chests slots to the max you just transfer all until you unload one chest into the next. Very fast and optimal method if you ask me. I can see using this to also harvest those more distant areas and move those resources down the line as well. I don't know yet if the old "load up inventory knock someone out and drag them" trick works like it did in Ark. But this seems to be excellent for now. It's pretty easy to build too! Anyone else got ideas?
  7. New guy here but used to play a loooot of Ark. Firstly, is the 5x a temporary promotion or more permanent feature? Second I wanted to get some idea of how long it should take a solo person to make a brig in these conditions. If it's worth farming for such a ship or stick to sloop? Thanks!
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