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  1. Are the devs aware that they took out submarines in the last patch? They took out the skill to make them and any submarine that was crafted and docked already was removed. When will this be fixed?
  2. I have the same problem. I played for hours last night and then got dumped while sailing. All of my friends were still online and playing with no problems, but I cannot reconnect. I keep getting the "unable to query server info for invite" error. I can try to join new server and see the PTR listed, but no matter what grid I try to go to I get the error. I did notice there was a patch pushed while I was playing, because it started updating as soon as I got dumped. I tried to verify the files already and still not luck. Any Devs aware of the issue? IS there anywhere we can go to see a status or whether or not Devs are aware of the issues?
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