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  1. Xbox single player crashes upon loading. New copy downloaded crashes as soon as the game opens. I wiped my saved game when that crashed. I hoped a fresh install would be ok but unfortunately not! This is worse than ever on SP. Completely unplayable.
  2. Same problem on Xbox One. Crashes guaranteed when interacting with maps, or accessing storage containing more than 5 maps. Crashing when inside an islands discovery area, worse the larger the island. Pirate camps downgraded to very low level, so no decent booty. Massive polygon cliffs and mountains, with see-through glitches. Polygon creatures and textures. Open sea seems stable (unless you look at a map). Game is unplayable. A roll-back to the previous patch is preferable to the current game-state.
  3. I've struggled on... Frequent crashes, more on larger islands. Definitely an issue with maps. Often, just opening the main map crashes the game. If a storage container has more than 8 or so maps, the game crashes upon opening the container. Pirate camps appear downgraded to min level. Higher level camps crash. When returning after the crash, the camp is downgraded. Overall poor graphics and lots of glitchy landscaping (holes in mountains, blocks rather than rocks, polygons everywhere.. These are major issues affecting at least the single player xbox version, and a roll back to the previous patch would be preferable to the current game-state.
  4. Xbox game contiuously crashes since this patch. No matter what I do. Seems background loading is too much for the xbox to handle.
  5. Have discovered that cheat destroyallenemies also deletes your ship crew and bed That's Ship, it's crew and any local beds.
  6. New patch 555.2 landed on my Xbox Dec 20 2022, and the game now crashes continuously. I appreciate the long-awaited fix of the polygon compass, crossbow, speargun and ballista but the game is now unplayable. I've been patient, waited for the restart, and even exited to menu to save a stable game state, but the crashes are frequent and continuous. I'm no expert, but it looks to me like loading data is the cause. For example, my maps bookshelf initially is filled with blank maps, that 'fill in' one by one, row by row. If I scroll down the revealed maps are also blank and fill in. If I scroll too quickly the game crashes back to the xbox home screen. It seems if I do anything too quickly, the game crashes. Approaching new islands is always glitchy, but now a guaranteed crash. Certain creatures are basic polygons until approached - pig, chicken, bear. Ship sails blocky before slowly becoming normal. I have worked around problems such as maps no longer working upon visiting the powerstone with the dragon, but ya can't play a game that just crashes all the time. Please try to fix before xmas
  7. I play single player xbox one. The only way to progress is with cheats. I use God, infinitestats, ghost and fly. There's an island E3 Brimingcona Haven (on my game), and it held the last power stone I need. As a previous character I had enormous trouble with crashes but eventually killed the Dragon and got the stone. Later, I noticed maps didn't work any more, not sure why. Picked bottles no maps and the ones I already had showed Min Gold as 0. At the locations, no beam, no damned, no treasure. Kinda ruins the game. Eventually, I created a new character and kept a close eye on maps. First approach to E3 in Galleon crashed enough for me to give up. Plan to return in Schooner. Did this. Still crashed. Constant, frequent, returns to menu, to save -worked long enough to place a bed but my schooner disappeared, lost forever, including crew. Crashing continued until I observed the LARGE QUANTITY of CREATURES on this island. I used cheat destroyallenemies, and it worked. I killed the dragon, got the stone. No further crashes but the MAPS STOPPED WORKING THEN. Something to do with the crashes or just a bug on this island. My suggestion, reduce the number of creatures on any islands with many, and get someone to fix the map issue. This game is great, but ruined by these huge issues.
  8. After playing for many hours, today no new maps landed in my inventory. Existing maps show a Min Gold value as 0, and when at a treasure site (everything correctly done), no beam, no Damned and no treasure. I'm playing Single Player. This suddenly started after I've been collecting Power Stones (neglecting treasure hunting), and was the first time I've collected or looked at maps since. There hasn't been an update between times, since the opening disclaimer hasn't appeared. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Same here. Can play without but can't see Power Stones to check I've got them.
  10. I’ve been playing for weeks Xbox ocean map single player. See my post about large islands. The Xbox can’t handle the graphic load in certain demanding areas. F8 Grafsor Island is massive and I lasted a while initially but then crashed after 30 - 40 seconds. I don’t have a fix, just a strategy: escape the region (outside the “Discovery area”) by saving every 30 seconds or so. It takes patience but I found my save file was intact so could carry on. I’m hoping someone has a workaround better than mine, otherwise it’s a case of avoiding large islands until there’s a new patch.
  11. Hi I’m playing single player Ocean map on an Xbox one. I’ve experienced numerous crashes but it’s now apparent that the larger the island the worse the crash. The large island on F8 - Grafsor Island I think- is really bad. I had to escape the island in 30 second bursts between saves to get stability back. No matter what or where (anywhere where the “Discovery area” text is top right) the game crashes back to the Xbox dashboard. Does anyone know how to reduce the load on graphics? It’s clear the game is struggling with the amount it needs to draw. I’ve turned vsync off and on -no effect. Other large islands crash to a lesser extent. Bredenmark Reef on C8 is one just playable but several times I prevented repeated crashes by getting away from my ships and base (where there’s a lot of extra items to include in the RAM). Also, I’m unable to locate any of the boss islands. I’ve found two guides with the specific locations but when I arrive there’s nothing at all. Anyone know what’s going on?
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