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  1. so did the fucking PVE devs make all lawless claimable now???? If so how the fuck are you that fucking dumb...Like do you think or test anything or even talk to people or is it lets see how many people we can get to quit the game before we try to release it.... i guess can i get a refund not only for the game but for all the hours i have put into it. just make it a pve game instead of screwing over the people that actually pvp youve fucked everything up about the game. just shut the servers down you are the worst dev's. You are a laughing stock. You have 400 people that play on the pvp server and you still screw it up. All i can say is uninstalled and telling everyone this is a great game back before the pve bullshit devs took over. But its beta.. when your in beta your supposed to improve the game not destroy it. upon release your gunna have 2 people playing. I will get it off steam so no one else plays this shithole of a game.
  2. because truth be told DEVS REALLY JUST DONT CARE!!!! they beat around the bush saying its hard and not time efficent cause they have to et off the couch to do anything and when they do do somthing... here heres a hanging basket for your troubles no you lost thousands of players due to your inability to perform basic tasks as a dev. it just sucks it was a good game till they decided to put it on the backburner
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