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  1. Xbox series x - Atlas: patch 555.3 samsung 2022 65” tv singleplayer/host this game launches, but graphics are horrible. PS2 quality. Dedicated xbox servers would be nice, i got 8 friends ready to play but these graphics are hard to look at. cross play is not fun.
  2. Do updates wipe everything on the server? I lost my village, boats, inventory, etc.
  3. Crashes when i level up Now. (Non-dedicated- xbox one x - 4 players)
  4. Crashes when i level up Now. (Non-dedicated- xbox one x - 4 players)
  5. Come November i will be leaving the 4k xbox. And upgrading to the new one. Do i have to log into the old xbox as an Admin, While logging in as a player on the new xbox?
  6. Im hosting a non dedicated and i have 7 people on at one time. Having no tethering would be huge. @ Grapeshot/instinct
  7. looking to see if anyone know how to turn off tethering on Atlas for Xbox? Or is there a place to adjust tethering like the PC, where you can simply type 99?
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