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  1. Just wondering if we will get series x support. Or if this game is no longer being supported?
  2. Was there a pre wipe? all my bases were gone after 2 days of grinding on the xbox server. Why are people allowed to liter the ground with wood post? Those need a faster decomposition if further away from your base.
  3. Yes! Im getting the xbox crew together. 15x15 would be fun - xbox only i would love a map section that had ladders to the top of cliffs. Then can hang glide from island to island in a small area. never got to dive the oceans deep. i would love to board the ghost ships bounty system would be nice, for pirate capture. If my pirate level is low maybe boat deeds, can be stripped and sold. Find the boat name in the sand of its last location Royal navy patrols
  4. Xbox series x - Atlas: patch 555.3 samsung 2022 65” tv singleplayer/host this game launches, but graphics are horrible. PS2 quality. Dedicated xbox servers would be nice, i got 8 friends ready to play but these graphics are hard to look at. cross play is not fun.
  5. Do updates wipe everything on the server? I lost my village, boats, inventory, etc.
  6. Crashes when i level up Now. (Non-dedicated- xbox one x - 4 players)
  7. Crashes when i level up Now. (Non-dedicated- xbox one x - 4 players)
  8. Come November i will be leaving the 4k xbox. And upgrading to the new one. Do i have to log into the old xbox as an Admin, While logging in as a player on the new xbox?
  9. Im hosting a non dedicated and i have 7 people on at one time. Having no tethering would be huge. @ Grapeshot/instinct
  10. looking to see if anyone know how to turn off tethering on Atlas for Xbox? Or is there a place to adjust tethering like the PC, where you can simply type 99?
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